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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Jan 10 09:40:19 UTC 2012

>Greetings all,
>Ø  Are you proficient in the basic skills of blindness?
>Ø  Are you ready to inspire confidence in our 
>youth through enjoyable activities such as 
>sailing, attending an O’s game, ballroom dance, and other adventures?
>Ø   Are you adventurous and willing to blaze a 
>trail with our young energetic explorers in 
>happening territory like Baltimore, New York City and Washington, DC?
>Ø  Are you ready to spend a summer passing on 
>this awesome knowledge and high expectations to 
>some of our willing young friends?
>We at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland 
>(BISM) cordially invite you to apply to become 
>one of our summer staff in our 8-week 
>Independence 2012 high school program or our 
>all-new 3-week Independence “101” middle school 
>program!  The dates of the programs are June 5 – 
>August 15, 2012 and July 14 – August 15, 2012, 
>respectively. As a member of our dynamic staff, 
>you will have an opportunity to provide daily 
>class instruction to youth in one or more of the 
>areas of cane travel, Braille, 
>computer/technology, independent living (Home 
>Ec.), and daily seminar class.  As an 
>instructor, you will also live in apartments 
>with students and provide guidance/teaching in 
>cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, money 
>management, and doing laundry, while having lots 
>of fun.  Finally, in addition to the many 
>exciting confidence-building activities we have 
>planned throughout the summer, students in our 
>Independence 2012 program will also attend the 
>national convention of the National Federation 
>of the Blind in Dallas, Texas where they will 
>meet successful blind people from around the 
>world, learn what’s happening on the national 
>level, attend the National Association of Blind 
>Students Seminar, learn self-advocacy, check-out 
>the latest access technology, and attend a wide 
>array of blindness related seminars.
>We are very excited about what’s in store for 
>our programs this summer!  If you are interested 
>in being an empowering force in Independence 
>2012 or 101 please complete and sign the 
>attached application of your interest and return 
>to Amy Phelps, 3345 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, 
>MD 21227, fax to 410-737-2689, or email 
><mailto:aphelps at bism.org>aphelps at bism.org.  For 
>further inquiry and assistance, please contact 
>Dezman Jackson at 410-737-2676 or 
><mailto:djackson at bism.org>djackson at bism.org.
>Best regards,
>Dezman Jackson, NOMC, NCLB
>Follow us: Facebook – Bism YouthPrograms
>Twitter @BISM_Youth
>Help sponsor our youth program activities 
>Blind Industries and Services of Maryland
>3345 Washington Blvd
>Baltimore, MD 21227
>Phone: 410-737-2676
>Mobile: 251-689-4623
>Fax: 410-737-2689
>Toll Free: 888-322-4567
>E-mail: <mailto:djackson at bism.org>djackson at bism.org
>“Our independence comes from within. A slave can 
>have keen eyesight, excellent mobility, and 
>superb reading skills­and still be a slave. We 
>are achieving freedom and independence in the 
>only way that really counts­in rising 
>self-respect, growing self-confidence, and the 
>will and the ability to make choices.”
>--Dr. Kenneth Jernigan
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