[Nfbnet-members-list] The National Federation of the Blind Announces the 2012 NFB Leadership and Advocacy in Washington, D.C., (LAW) Program

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Jan 2 16:59:55 UTC 2012

>The National Federation of the Blind Announces the 2012 NFB 
>Leadership and Advocacy in Washington, D.C., (LAW) Program
>Engaging the Voice of America's Blind Youth
>April 13-18, 2012
>The NFB LAW program provides blind students with a unique 
>opportunity to explore the inner workings of our country's 
>government, its history, and its culture. In addition to learning 
>about the history of the organized blindness civil rights movement, 
>how resolutions are passed, and how blindness legislation is 
>created, participants will become familiar with advocacy work for 
>blind individuals and available resources for blind students and 
>adults. Highlights of the program include: visits to historical 
>sites in Washington, D.C., meetings with influential government 
>leaders, and presentations by prominent leaders in the National 
>Federation of the Blind. Read more about this chance of a lifetime 
>in the 
>2011 issue of 
>Twenty-four students (grades six to nine, or ages twelve to sixteen) 
>will be accepted for the LAW program. All accepted students must be 
>accompanied by a parent/guardian, teacher, or blind/low-vision 
>mentor from their home state. There will be a $250 fee per 
>student/chaperone pair. Transportation, room, and board will be 
>provided for students and chaperones.
>Apply now by going to 
><http://www.nfb.org/LAWProgram>www.nfb.org/LAWProgram. Applications 
>are due by February 1, 2012. For more information, call (410) 
>659-9314, extension 2312, or e-mail Natalie Shaheen at 
><mailto:nshaheen at nfb.org>nshaheen at nfb.org.
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