[Nfbnet-members-list] Fwd: Receive a Free $15 Uber Credit for Washington Seminar Ground Transportation

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Feb 2 03:23:57 UTC 2012

>I have arranged for each Washington seminar attendee to receive a $15
>Uber ground transportation credit.  This should be enough for a free
>or nearly free one-way trip for up to 3-4 people (max 4 per vehicle)
>from the hotel to or from the hill.  Details below and also posted
>with updates (like all addresses for House & Senate office buildings)
>Uber is an on-demand private driving service that instantly connects
>you to a professional private driver via SMS. Uber is also available
>in cities like Washington, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle,
>Chicago, and even Paris. As part of the NFB Washington Seminar 2012
>event, we have arranged a $15 attendee discount for new users to Uber.
>This $15 credit, in most cases, should get you a free ride between the
>Holiday Inn Capitol and the House or Senate office buildings. You can
>of course use the service and discount code for any other ride as
>There are three steps to taking your ride:
>Step 1: Sign up at
>and enter the promo code
>The promo code is not case sensitive.
>Step 2: You should receive a text message from Uber and you should
>reply "GO". If you do not receive a confirmation text message, text
>"GO" to 827-222 and you should receive a response. This completes the
>link between your cell phone and your new Uber account.
>Step 3: Request your ride via SMS text message to 827-222 and ride in
>style! Simply text the address you are at, for example: 550 C Street
>SW, DC. Respond "YES" to the text message to confirm your ride
>request. You will receive an estimated time of arrival, and your
>drivers name and telephone number.
>Below are some frequently asked questions you may have, and that
>address some situations:
>Q: How can I find out more about Uber?
>A: Visit their web site at https://www.uber.com or follow @uber_dc on
>Twitter. You can ask questions via Twitter, as well.
>Q: What are some typical Uber fares in the area of the Washington Seminar?
>A: Most fares in the Capitol Hill area or downtown should range
>between $15-25. Fares may vary based on traffic and distance from your
>  Q: Why do I need to enter in my credit card information?
>A: Uber will charge your credit card any additional balance beyond the
>$15 credit, and for any future rides you take. Uber drivers do not
>handle cash and tip is included in the rate. When the ride is over,
>you simply exit the car, and the payment is automatically charged to
>your credit card.
>  Q: What if I signed up on the Uber site, but I did not enter the
>promotion code?
>A: You can text the NFBWS12 code to Uber at the same 827-222 SMS short
>code, and it will be added to your account as long as you have not yet
>taken an Uber ride.  You can also add the code via the promotions
>section of your Uber account web dashboard.
>Q: How can I verify the promotion is on my account?
>A: Log in to your account at https://www.uber.com and access your
>dashboard. Then click "promotions." You can view and add promotion
>codes on this screen as well as during sign-up, and by SMS text
>Q: What about the iOS and Android Uber apps? Are they accessible?
>A: There are known issues being addressed by Uber development with the
>iOS and Android app. You may be able to access some functions with in
>the app, but the text message interface is recommended at this time
>until a new version is released. In particular, the function to rate a
>driver in the iOS app is not accessible, and the app may get stuck on
>this screen preventing you from booking additional rides through the
>Q: Why is Uber running this promotion, and why are we partnering with them?
>A: Uber is excited to be involved in the communities it serves, and
>often works to cross-promote events. The partnership will also extend
>the dialog we have in place to bring about more accessibility to the
>Uber apps. In short, we'll get to know Uber and they'll get to know
>us, which is a good thing! Also, we are partnering with innovative
>brands and technologies to enhance member experience and spread the
>word about accessibility and universal design.
>Q: Why use Uber instead of a cab?
>A: Uber is an entirely different transportation alternative for DC
>that is convenient, reliable, and comfortable. Rather than waiting
>outside in the cold to hail a cab, you can instead request a ride via
>SMS and know exactly when it will arrive. In addition, Uber rides are
>all in high-end vehicles such as Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes-Benz,
>high-end SUV's, and more, with professional drivers who are happy to
>take you anywhere you need to go.
>Q: What if I have questions not answered here, that I cannot find on
>the Uber web site, or I need help with something from the company?
>A: Alex Priest, the Uber DC Community Manager is happy to help you
>out, you can reach him at supportDC at uber.com, or on Twitter at Uber_DC.
>You can also tweet me @pyyhkala with your feedback, but you should
>contact the company directly for help with any specific rides or
>Mika Pyyhkala
>President, NFB of Massachusetts
>Board member, National Federation of the Blind
>Twitter: @pyyhkala & @NFBMA
>Washington Seminar 2012 Twitter Hashtag: #NFBWS12

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