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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sun Oct 30 07:45:13 UTC 2011

>The NFB of Utah is taking websites to the next level and we want to 
>reward you with an iPad 2 for helping us.  Just a few months ago, 
>the NFB of Utah announced a new website, 
>BlindHow.com.   BlindHow.com allows for community members to view 
>and share video, audio, or written tutorials and information on a 
>myriad of topics regarding blindness and visual impairment.
>Topics could include, "How do you use an iPhone with 
>voiceover?"  "This is how I put on makeup every day, how do 
>you?"   "How do you mow your lawn?"  "This is how I downhill ski."
>If you can't find the answer you are looking for, then ask!  If you 
>have something to share, then become a contributor today!  Check out 
>the website at BlindHow.com today and click on the "Win an iPad" 
>link for more information and to sign up today!  For additional 
>questions, suggestions, or input please email: 
><mailto:adam at blindhow.com>adam at blindhow.com.
>With your help, BlindHow.com will become the premiere, one-stop 
>website for questions and answers related to blindness or visual impairment.
>October is quickly coming to a close and we are excited for our 
>Grand prize drawing. The prize is the iPad 2.  It is not too late to 
>earn points by making comments, sending feedback, posting articles, 
>etc.  Also, be sure to email any points you have earned to 
>admin at blindhow.com.  All emails of what you have done during the 
>month of October to earn points must be submitted no later than 
>midnight Tuesday, November 1, 2011.  The contest winner will be 
>announced via the website by midnight on Thursday, November 3, 
>2011.  Remember, all of the points throughout the contest are going 
>into the iPad 2 drawing.
>Your contribution to BlindHow is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for 
>all of your help thus far in making this project a great 
>success.  Our primary goal is to create a positive environment where 
>community members are willing to ask thoughtful questions and share 
>knowledge related to blindness and visual impairment that will 
>improve lives, encourage independence, and increase 
>self-confidence.  In just a few months we have reached over 460 
>articles.  Our goal?  A bazillion.  We have already given away an 
>Apple TV and $100 in gift certificates to the iTunes store.  We are 
>excited for the upcoming grand prize drawing of the iPad 2.  Please 
>spread the word.
>Remember, you can earn additional points by referring your friends!
>Many thanks,
>The BlindHow Team
>Official Website <<http://www.blindhow.com>http://www.blindhow.com>
>Official Rules 
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