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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Oct 29 04:03:34 UTC 2011

>At 03:40 PM 10/27/2011, you wrote:
>>Dear Mr. Andrews,
>>Greetings. I am a researcher at the Wilmer Eye 
>>Institute at Johns Hopkins University in 
>>Baltimore, MD.  I’m writing because we are 
>>recruiting volunteers ages 10 years and up who 
>>have 20/500 or worse visual acuity but have 
>>some remaining vision (including light 
>>perception) for a focus group study that will 
>>take place by dialing in over the phone or via 
>>computer from remote locations. I would like to 
>>post something on your mailing list however I 
>>wanted to make sure it is appropriate for your audience.
>>The purpose of the study is to generate a list 
>>of activities that volunteers do with their 
>>remaining vision (for example, cooking). Once 
>>we generate the list, we will then compile all 
>>activities from different groups into a single 
>>form and ask the volunteers to rank each item 
>>by level of difficulty.  We expect to conduct 
>>3-5 one-hour sessions over a 3-5 month 
>>period.  We will pay $10 for each one-hour 
>>session.  I’m attaching a flyer that will give more information.
>>I believe that your group will be able to 
>>contribute to the study with their unique 
>>perspective. Participation in the study may 
>>also give volunteers a sense of satisfaction 
>>and also put them in touch with opportunities 
>>or resources that may benefit folks them in the future.
>>At your earliest convenience, please let me 
>>know if it is appropriate to post our flyer on 
>>your mailing list. If so, would it be easier 
>>for you to post it and then they can contact me 
>>by the info on the flyer or should I post it 
>>myself?  Feel free to email or call me with 
>>your questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks 
>>in advance for your consideration.

Recruitment for Vision Research Study:
Researchers in the Lions Vision Center,
part of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins,
are looking for volunteers with almost no remaining vision
to help them design vision training activities.
If successful, these activities may help
nearly-blind individuals learn to see a little better.
In the future, blind patients with a retinal implant
may use these activities to re-learn to see.
That’s why we’re calling this program
Prosthetic Low Vision Rehabilitation, or PLoVR
(like the little bird at the top of this page),
and you can help make this possible.
If you are at least 10 years old and live within 
2 hours from Johns Hopkins, we invite you to come 
participate in person, talk about how you use 
your vision, and help us design the 
activities.  There will be 3-5 one-hour sessions, 
and we may invite you to come for 20 or more 
practice sessions, spread out over several years, to try out new activities.
If you live farther away, you can participate by telephone.
There will be 3-5 sessions to talk about how you use your vision.

We will pay you $10 for each hour-long session.
To learn more about the study and to enroll, please call
Pamela Jeter at 410-502-6434,
or e-mail us at <mailto:plovr at lions.med.jhu.edu>plovr at lions.med.jhu.edu

JHM-IRB protocol # NA_00043449 – Gislin Dagnelie, 
Ph.D. – Principal Investigator

>>Pamela E. Jeter, PhD
>>Postdoctoral Fellow
>>Low Vision Division
>>Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center
>>Wilmer Eye Institute
>>Johns Hopkins University
>><mailto:pjeter1 at jhmi.edu>p 
>><mailto:amela.jeter at gmail.com>amela.jeter at gmail.com
>>(c) <tel:949.351.5848>949.351.5848
>>(o) <tel:410-502-6434>410-502-6434
>>          name="FINAL_Dagnelie_NA43499_RecrtFlyer_09202011_LOGO.docx"
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>>          filename="FINAL_Dagnelie_NA43499_RecrtFlyer_09202011_LOGO.docx"
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>Pamela E. Jeter, PhD
>Postdoctoral Fellow
>Low Vision Division
>Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center
>Wilmer Eye Institute
>Johns Hopkins University
><mailto:pjeter1 at jhmi.edu>pjeter1 at jhmi.edu
>(c) 949.351.5848
>(o) 410-502-6434
>         name="FINAL_Dagnelie_NA43499_RecrtFlyer_09202011_LOGO.docx"
>Content-Disposition: attachment;
>         filename="FINAL_Dagnelie_NA43499_RecrtFlyer_09202011_LOGO.docx"
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