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Sun May 22 23:47:11 UTC 2011

From:  Parnell Diggs

Dear Colleagues:

On Tuesday evening, May 17, I had the pleasure of conducting a joint 
meeting of the State Presidents and members of the Imagination Fund 
Committee.  We talked about the methods our members are using to make 
the "ask" and generate financial support for our programs from 
sources outside the movement.  It is so easy!

Some of us have made personal donations to the Imagination Fund, or 
are planning to do so, which is appreciated.  But the main purpose of 
the Imagination Fund is to set a goal, and make the "ask".  My 
friend, Garrick Scott, who serves as president of our Georgia 
affiliate recently sent an excellent "ask" letter, and I wanted you 
to see it. Best of luck, Garrick's letter follows.

Parnell Diggs, Chairman

National Federation of the Blind Imagination Fund

I want to start by thanking those of you that have donated your time, 
finances, your energy, and, yes, even your facilities to advance the 
cause of the NFB and the NFB of Georgia.  But there is still much 
more work to be done.  If you have not made a donation of $5.00 
toward my race for independence know that I love you still but I have 
three questions for you:

1. How was that burger?

2. Did you try the new frozen lemonade drink at McDonald's yet?

3. Did you tell your cousin "Hi" for me?

Asking you all for money is a lot like dating, some of you will say 
yes and it will be great.  Some of you will say no and still want to 
be friends and just like dating it will be great and I still will be 
your friend.  Please let me know that the cause I support is worth at 
least $5.00 to you.  Whether you make a donation or not will not 
affect our friendship but it could affect the lives of blind people 
in the state of Georgia.  Please click on the link below to 
donate.  Thank you in advance.  Your relative and friend...
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