[Nfbnet-members-list] 2011 Buddy Program

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Feb 5 04:12:39 UTC 2011

Warm Greetings from BLIND, Incorporated

It is once again time to start planning for our 2011 Buddy program.
This three-week summer fun and learning program is for children ages 9 to 13.
The dates for 2011 are July 15 through august 6 2011.

The Buddy Program offers an opportunity for blind children to make 
friends and have fun in a positive and secure setting as well as to 
learn and practice alternative techniques of blindness while building 

The training in alternative techniques includes instruction in 
reading and writing Braille, basic cane travel, cooking skills, and 
introductions to independent living skills and industrial 
arts.  Students may learn to pour liquids, carry a food tray, do 
laundry, follow a recipe, and much more.  Self-confidence and problem 
skills are gained through building and painting projects such as 
their own birdhouses and nightstands.  Students also participate in 
"talk time," where they discuss important issues about blindness with 
blind peers and instructors.  This time gives the students a chance 
to discuss their feelings about blindness, their frustrations with 
uncomfortable situations, and suggestions for overcoming problems 
caused by blindness.

In addition, students participate in many exciting activities in the 
Twin Cities area, such as visits to the Mall of America, rock 
climbing, and horseback riding.  These activities allow students to 
develop their socialization skills.  Activities are well supervised 
and mentoring for the children is provided by active blind role 
models.  Lifelong friendships begin during this brief summer experience.

During these entire out-of-the- classroom activities during the Buddy 
program, one of our goals is to teach our students the alternative 
techniques of blindness and gain the self-confidence that would allow 
them to return home and actively participate in even more fun 
activities with their sighted friends.

Activities are excellent opportunities to teach and reinforce a wide 
variety of alternative techniques, as they apply to real life, and 
this learning experience is usually most effective when there is a 
lot of fun involved.

If you have questions please call 612-872-0100 (Ext. 251), toll-free 
800-597-9558, or email 
<mailto:cguggisberg at blindinc.org>cguggisberg at blindinc.org.  You may 
complete an application by visiting our website at 


Charlene Guggisberg, Coordinator for Youth and Special programs
cguggisberg at blindinc.org

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