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Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Mon Aug 22 02:55:44 UTC 2011

Hi all,

If you haven't yet heard, my book about my experiences at the World Trade
Center on 9-11 as well as telling my life story was released on August 2,
2011.  Anyone who attended the NFB National convention got an early chance
to purchase the book in either print or Audio.  Since its release it has
been on the New York Times Best Seller list.  This week it is #28 on the
Nonfiction hard cover print books list.

Mainly I am writing to tell you that Thunder Dog is now available in the
Blio bookstore.  If you are not familiar with Blio it is a product created
and provided free of charge by K-NFB Reading Technologies.  It is the only
fully accessible eBook reader which is no surprise as we, the National
Federation of the Blind helped create it.  This eBook reader works on a
variety of devices including Windows PC systems and IOS systems including
iPhones and iPads.

Many of you have asked when Thunder Dog would be available in the Blio
format.  The wait is over.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging words.  I hope you enjoy Thunder
Dog and will continue to spread the word about this book which I pray will
help change some people's attitudes about the blind and blindness.  Happy


Michael Hingson

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