[Nfbnet-members-list] 2011 NFB Youth Slam sits at 32 in Pepsi Refresh Project 

Lamkin, Seth SLamkin at nfb.org
Thu Aug 12 23:28:52 UTC 2010

2011 NFB Youth Slam sits at 32 in Pepsi Refresh Project

Nearly two weeks in and the 2011 NFB Youth Slam has made some 
progress in the Pepsi Refresh project, but if we are going to bring 
in this much-needed funding for this vital program, we are going to 
have to redouble our efforts to get the word out and get people 
voting every day. Regular Facebook posts, Tweets, or e-mails to 
family and friends are good, easy ways to remind people of the 
importance of voting daily for the NFB Youth Slam. Remember, there 
are three different ways to log a vote:

1)     Text Message: Simply put the number 101913 into the body of a 
text, and send that text to 73774. That's all you have to do each day 
if you have a texting plan and an accessible cell phone.
2)     Go to 
click the link to vote, and then choose the log in using Facebook 
option. Once you're successfully logged in, click the vote button on 
our page again and the vote link will disappear and you'll have 
logged your vote!
3)     Go to 
click the link to vote, and then choose the sign in directly with 
Pepsi option. This option is the least desirable option, but with 
practice still can be done in less than a minute each day. An audio 
captcha is necessary for completing this option, but only this 
option. If you do not wish to solve a captcha (and do not have the 
ability to text), please use the Facebook option, even if you simply 
create a Facebook account to vote for this month and deactivate it 
once we have won.

There are detailed instructions for users with screen reading 
software on our Web site at 
and a link to sign up for daily e-mail reminders can be found on 
<http://www.nfb.org/>www.nfb.org. Thanks to all for your hard work 
and efforts, now keep up the good work and let's watch the 2011 NFB 
Youth Slam climb the rankings!

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