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Maurice mines mmines1 at icloud.com
Mon Jun 24 05:02:05 UTC 2019

As less Fitzpatrick stated if along the hotel lobby is your friend when 
going to see a friend.

Small question, a friend just sent me a list of prices that I sent to 
Mr. Fitzpatrick, what people appreciate if I sent that list of prices to 
the list, it is not an exhaustive list. But it paints a picture that 
makes me wish that one’s pockets were endless. I heard about the six 
dollar coffee, but the coffee is not six dollars. That’s the good news 
the bad news, the water is six dollars. I’d be curious to see what 
people’s responses to the seller? The list comes from a very 
trustworthy person my friend the president of the Delaware affiliate.

Sincerely Maurice Mines.
Amateur calls  sign kd0iko.
VP national Federation of the blind of California Bakersfield chapter.
And hopefully the friend on many people in Clark County Washington. 
Where’s Ben said by more than one family member is where I grew up, 
certainly not 100° heat Bakersfield but life is what it is. Be well 

On 22 Jun 2019, at 10:03, Robert Sellers via CCCNFBW wrote:

> Perhaps others have read this, but at the hotel we will be given 
> proximity
> (electronic key)  card. Which is used to get into our room, which is 
> nothing
> new. But I understand we will also use this card when we get on an 
> elevator
> and swipe it which selects our floor.
> Have there been those who have used  an electronic key, on an 
> elevator,  for
> selecting their floor?
> The picture it paints when  a group of people are   all trying to get 
> on the
> elevator at the same time (anyone who has been to a NFB convention
> understands what I mean).
> I understand  that the key only selects your floor. What  or how does 
> one go
> to a floor for the purpose of meeting or visiting a friend?
> Bob

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