[CCCNFBW] Raffle Donation List

Matthew Hines matthewhines984 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 23:09:36 UTC 2019


I do not have the list from last year but here is a good blueprint to follow
for the donations we are looking for.  All are welcome to add to this list.
Please make sure to let me know what places you intend to approach for my
ongoing list.  Once we have a good list started, I will send out an updated
list weekly.



Gift Cards and Gift Certificates


Coffee Shops


Movie Theatre, Redbox or Netflix

Spa packages or Free Massages/Spinal Manipulation

Grocery Stores like Safeway, Winco, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, New Season,
Target, Walmart, etc.

Retail stores including clothing, electronics, home goods, home repair,
décor, etc.

Gift certificates for experiences like Fitness/health spa, recreation and
sporting, travel vouchers and gift cards, etc.


Pleasure and Relaxation


Home made goods like blankets, waffle weevs, afghans, art, etc.

Candles and insense/Popori

Beauty products or relaxation products

Wine, Beer or Cider

Consumables like chocolates, premium snack mix, dried fruits and delicacies’




Bluetooth headphones or speakers

Tablets or phones

Streaming hardware (apple tv, chrome cast, fire stick by amazon)

Board games or other handheld games


Please do not provide home made goods that are consumable.  All consumables
must be wrapped in original packaging with clear expiration dates and
nutrition facts on them.




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