[CCCNFBW] Blessing of our marriage

Les Fitzpatrick lfitz50 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 02:49:30 UTC 2018

Hello, Betty and I were legally married on August 31st.  September 16th, we
are going to have a blessing of our marriage. We were going to have a
reception after that but it just isn't going to work, so we are  inviting
all of you to come to our house at 2:00P.M. on the 16th which is that same
afternoon. Our address is: 5512 N.E.  41st Avenue Vancouver wa. 98661. You
can stay really late if you like or you can stay for a while. There will be
possibly sandwiches also meat and cheese and drinks, and if I'm lucky there
may be some desserts. We just want to have a good time with all our friends
and celebrate our marriage. So we hope to see all of you there.

Thank you all.

Les Fitzpatrick


Piano Technician

Ham Call Sign: K5FPT


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