[CCCNFBW] Driverless Car Advocacy

Vaughn Brown jazzdressage at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 20:10:18 UTC 2018

Good day to All,

I recently read that driverless cars are bound to hit the market by
2020 at a cost of $45,000. The price tag may be
steep but the benefits are positive. During my research I wasn't able
to find much how the accessibility of these cars. I also understand
that there is still legal issues surrounding this matter as for as
allowability of driverless cars on the roads. What I am suggesting is
to start writing different technology companies as well as
elected officials regarding these matters.

The first concern would be advocating for a high standard of
accessibility for blind users. Other matters of accessibility such as
deafness can also be addressed. Before these cars do hit the market it
would be proactive to head off any accessibility issues. Here is a
contact link to write to WAMO:

Te second matter to be addressed is allowability. It would be
proactive to encourage law makers to start creating standards and
rules right now. The main issue is technology is often ahead of law
making, forcing a delay in such technology to be available. 2020 is
not that far off. Who would like to join me in bringing these matters
to the surface?

I look forward to a healthy discussion on this subject.


Vaughn Brown
WSSB Music Director

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