[Cccnfbw] Baskets for wine tasting

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Thank you.




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I will donate some pop and a gift card to a movie theather for the
entertainment basket.


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Attached is a list of suggested items for baskets to be raffled off at the
wine tasting.Please take a look at the list and consider which item you
would like to donate.  You might be able to have the items donated instead
of buying them.  That can get expensive.  Please get your items to Paula by
April 22nd if possible; no later than April 29th.  We need to have time to
put the baskets together.  It would be helpful to let Paula, Bob, or me know
what you are going to donate so we don't get duplicates.


Last year, we had 16 baskets.  We determined that 16 was too many, so we
have suggestions for 3.  At the most, we could have 5.  


If you have someing in mind to donate besides what is on the list, feel
free.  It's not too early to get your donations.  The sooner the better.


Thank you.




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