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They do not have the full schedule posted yet, but here are some dates concerts are already scheduled, both Friday’s:

July 14

September 8



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Julie, thanks for asking.


The dates for the events at the Amphitheater occur between May and September. There are often 11 to 14 events through the Summer.  It begins with 1 or 2 events in May. The events usaly occur on weekends, Friday, Saturday and sometimes on Sunday. Occasionally there may be an event during the week. We don’t know the schedule until March or April. If there is not enough tickets sales, not every stand will be open. Which means we may or may not be equired to work a stand. The selection of closures is up to the manager for Ovations Food Services. OFS has the contract to tmanage the stands. When we obtain the schedule of events,   we  let the volunteers select the events (dates) they would like to volunteer. 


Volunteers need to obtain their food handlers card and alcohol card. These items can be obtained online for a cost ofthirty dollars. If the volunteer  works one event they he/she is reimbursed.


AS to duties.

There is a training session they need to attend to become famalier with the layout and what is expected of them. Which includes checking id’s,  serving draft beer and bottles of wine.

A volunteer needs to be at the Amphitheater  1-hour-and-half before the concert begins. They leave about an hour before it is over.

If they want they can get reimbursed for gas.

I forget, but I believe their parking is free.


The reason we are working towards having 24 volunteers, then a volunteer needs to work 2 evnts during the Summer. Some may want to work more, but most people, if they know in advance don’t mind working a couple of events.


Hope this helps.







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What date/time would they need to volunteer?  What would the requirements and duties of the voluneer?



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Just a reminder about recruiting volunteers for the Amphitheater events.

We want to get 24 volunteers. If each of us can get 1 volunteer by our January meeting (Saturday, Jan 28th) and 1 more by our February meeting we should be able to get what we need.


Let me know when you get volunteers. 


The Amphitheater has been our best fund raiser. The last time we did it, we earned $3,500.



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