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Subject: Article in Today's Columbian

I was surprised and disappointed to read the article listed below in the Columbian newspaper this morning.  Approximately a week ago, I was interviewed by a Columbian reporter about changes that have occurred over the years at the WSSB moving from a program that was primarily an on-campus program to a school/agency that provides a menu of service options for students, families and local school districts.  Much emphasis was placed on student's needs and the need for blind and visually impaired (BVI) students to have options that can lead to success, with the on-campus program being a vital service. We all know that for many students the on-campus program has become the key to success, the safety net that is needed in our state and beyond and one of the most important parts of service delivery that makes a difference in the lives of students, families and also for local school districts. As much as technology has been game changer over the years, it still comes down to dedicated staff providing quality service to students that makes the difference, and the on-campus program is a great example of just that. Once again I want to emphasize that BVI students need a full range of service options with the on-campus program being a key component for not just the students currently on-campus, but also those served through online learning, outreach services, etc.  The on-campus program and dedicated staff have helped develop new services both on-campus and throughout the state in partnership with many organizations and agencies to put in place a quality full service model for our great state of which we can be proud.  Many, if not most, of the schools for the blind throughout the United States have become centers of innovation in discovery of new technologies, new service delivery system and new methodology when it comes to improving statewide and national services.  When articles like the one that appeared in the Columbian today occur, how can we take these articles and use them to further educate the public about the need for schools for the blind, the importance of the on-campus component of service delivery and the difference that is being made in the lives of students, their families and the assistance being provided to local school districts.

Columbian Opinion Article - May 16, 2016
"Legislature should examine if state-run boarding facilities best way to aid kid"

Dean O. Stenehjem, Ed.D.
Washington State School for the Blind
2214 E. 13th Street
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