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Paula Achter pmachter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 19:24:35 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone:


Mathew has already sent out a message to all of you to help with ideas to
post on Clark county chapter's web pages. If you know of any community
events that may be going on, please share them. I am inviting you who read
this list to please become involve with the Chapter by helping us reach out
to other blind people. Currently, we are the only consumer group that deals
with blindness issues in Clark county. We have an opportunity to reach out
to others to become involved. I am hoping that you will please advertise the
picnic that is coming up at my home to come and get acquainted with our
group. Do not be shy because we can make a difference.


My contact information is as follows: Home address: 6709 Idaho St.

Contact me by calling or texting me at 208-860-5226. I hope to hear from


Paula Achter

Chairman outreach committee 

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