[Cccnfbw] a serious issue and hate to bother people

eden eden420 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 23 13:37:56 UTC 2015

Hi, right now I am using a braille sense on hand trying to use it with 
JAWS there is some command I keep hitting that will trigger it to start 
using dot 6 as a capital letter even though my braille sense on its own 
types perfect grade II and so was JAWS.  I am getting a focus 40 if I 
pass my transcription evaluation but speech is very distracting to me 
when doing things like this so I either need to figure out this problem 
by Thursday or get a loaner unit from somewhere for a few days.  Mario 
says the sense can be temperamental with JAWS, and he's not kidding.  
Some of the commands that you might use are simply not listed on the 
command sheet, and I used the keyboard help, but I was really tired last 
night when I screwed it up so shoot me an e-mail if you can guide me in 
this.  I am already nervous about the eval because what we are going to 
have to do hasn't been specifically described to me so I need a braille 
device in working order.  I was told to bring to my eval whatever 
equipment I will be using on my training and job, but this is an online 
thing, and I certainly need to look professional and have a display I 
can readily access.  I will be on the phone with her, and i have 
difficulty with speech in those kind of situations.  Thank you.  I would 
put my number on the list, but either you have it or can e-mail me at
eden420 at comcast.net
I just don't want to put it on the list because I have a hacker who's 
been trying to get my info, and he's been known to join lists I'm on 
trying to get personal info even though he's not in the U.S.


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