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Kaye Kipp kkipp123 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 21:14:20 UTC 2015

Hi all.


Bob asked me to tell you what we found out from the Cellars 55 Winery.  Last
Thursday, we went to talk about having a fund-raiser.  Besides Bob and
myself, there were two ladies from The Grateful Women group and Michelle,
who is the Manager.  We have two possible dates, if we decide to pursue
this:  Sunday, April 26th or May 3rd.  A three-hour time span was suggested.


We could sell tickets for $20.00 a ticket, and we would get half.  That
would include wine and food.  The place holds about 100 people.  


The Grateful Women also sold raffle tickets.  It was also suggested that we
have posters and contact the Columbian and the Reflector to advertize.  

The women recommended that we have three committees: for publicity,
donations, (if we have raffle tickets,) and for set-up.


I have more information I can share at the chapter meeting.  It sounds like
this could be a good deal.



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