[Cccnfbw] Proposed Chagnes to C-Tran Route 19

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Sat Mar 1 17:15:47 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone: 
C-Tran is proposing changes to Route 19.  This is the route that provides service to WSU-Vancouver, Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital, Vancouver Clinic-Salmon Creek, Vancouver Eye Care-Salmon Creek, Salmon Creek Dental, Walgreens Pharmacy, Safeway and numerous apartment complexes and a trailer park.  
There are currently 2 options.  Option 2 is favored by C-tran staff, but YOU make the difference.  Please Call, Email or visit the C-Tran website under contact us and click customer comments or suggestions and let them know option 2 is NO option at all.  Thank you all for your help. 
Why:  C-Tran is considering route changes affecting Hwy. 99 service between NE 99th Street and NE 122nd Street. 
Changes:  There are currently two options.  No. 2 is favored by C-tran staff, but YOU make the difference. 
1.  Route 19 would change to run every 45 minutes, same route and on schedule.  Depending on your input, this may be permanent OR may change to option 2. 
2.  Route 19 buses would be re-routed to take I-5 and not serve Hwy. 99 at all.  Hwy. 99 would instead be served by re-routed Route 9 buses.  The service along Hwy. 99 would then run every 60 minutes.  Depending on Your input, this may be permanent! 
3.  You can suggest other options. 
If you use the bus stops on Hwy. 99 between NE 99th Street and NE 122nd Street and you want service more often than every 60 minutes, SPEAK UP. 
HOW:  Contact C-tran and voice your concerns! 
* phone at (360) 695-0123 
* email at LynnH at c-tran.org 
* visit http://www.c-tran.com , go to "contact us" and click "customer comments or suggestions" 
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