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Today, the Senate HELP Committee Passed the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
Reauthorization bill S. 1356 out of committee.  The vote was 18 "yes" votes,
3 "no" votes (Senator Burr-NC, Senator Roberts-KS, and Senator Scott-SC),
and 1 abstention (Senator Paul-KY).  Unfortunately, Section 511 of the
Rehabilitation Act and the transfer of the Rehabilitation Services
Administration (RSA) to the U.S. Department of Labor were not removed from
the bill.

Now the bill will go to the Senate floor for debate and a final vote.
Fortunately, the inclusion of Section 511 in the WIA reauthorization affords
us an opportunity to broaden our subminimum wage advocacy to every member of
the U.S. Senate.  This is an opportunity for us to expand our efforts to get
a Fair Wages for Workers with Disabilities bill introduced in the U.S.

We are working to outline our next steps, and will be hosting a legislative
strategy call soon.  Meanwhile, we are asking that each affiliate request a
meeting with their senators during the upcoming Senate recess, which will
take place August 3-9.  Please let us know if you need any assistance
obtaining contact information or drafting the request.

This will be a true test of our grassroots advocacy.  I remain confident in
the fact that no organization moves a public policy agenda like the National
Federation of the Blind.  We will succeed in our efforts to prevent the
Rehabilitation Act from being sabotaged, and we will see the eventual
elimination of the unfair, discriminatory, immoral subminimum wage provision
of Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  In the words of
Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, "Come join with me on the barricades, and we will make
it all come true."



Mr. Anil Lewis, M.P.A.
Director of Advocacy and Policy

"Eliminating Subminimum Wages for People with Disabilities"
200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, Maryland   21230
(410) 659-9314 ext. 2374 (Voice)
(410) 685-5653 (FAX)
Email: alewis at nfb.org
Web: www.nfb.org
twitter: @anillife

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