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Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
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You and I were the only people from Vancouver. Marci is from Seattle, Ben is
from Kirkland, Julie is from Marysville, Philip Blackmer is from somewhere
on the Washington coast (the town escapes me) and Maria is from Spokane.


The phone instructions assume you'll say your name when you first connect
but it's not strictly necessary. Unless some really serious business is
going on, I generally run a pretty loose ship and just let people speak up.
If there's a great clamor to talk about something and we start interrupting
each other, I will be a bit more strict and call upon people after they've
said their names wanting to speak, just like at state conventions.


Yes, we're pretty-much old friends; although neither of us probably want to
admit it, I've known Ben since 1965 and marci since the early 1980's.


I started the "at-large" chapter calls for people who can't normally attend
chapter meetings because they're located off in the boonies somewhere. But
anyone can call in.


I'll do a bit more discussing of a possible diabetes seminar although we
don't work miracles and really, asa peer-support network, can't really
dispense medical advice.




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    Hi Mike,  

a couple of questions.  Those people that called last nite were they from
Vancouver?  If you wanted to speak, do you just cut in and talk, or do we
announce ourselves.  Everyone sounds like old friends   I was just curious
and listening.   We should have a topic in diabetis since we have a few
sugar babies in our chapter.    


glad I was  Bernie

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