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Fellow CCC chapter members,


Last Friday I was in surgery for the removal of a kidney stone.  Things were
ok until Sunday evening. Since then I spend 8-10 hours a day, blat on my
back,  in severe pain. The pain becomes so intense that it puts me near
being nauseas. I've  Been back to the ER room twice. The 'stint' that was
placed in me doesn't get removed until Monday. Not sure of the pain level
after that.

I share this with you because it would be safer if someone can step forward
to coordinate Gee Creek. I don't think we should take the chance on me being
able to spend the time needed to complete putting  Gee Creek together. There
are plenty of talented members in our chapter who could fill that bill. It
is to good of a fund raiser not to  go through with it. Plus, since we
cancelled last Fall's event, if we cancel again we may need to wait 1 or 2
years before we can pick up a weekend at Gee Creek. 

Kaye has already purchased the coffee pots we will need.

Will try and make Saturday's meeting, but no garennties.


Bob Sellers




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