[Cccnfbw] here are the correct directions to my house

Leslie Fitzpatrick lfitz50 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 05:07:11 UTC 2011

I want to remind all of you about our social at my house Saturday the 11th
at 11:00 O'clock bring side dishes and lets have some fun. My address is
2909 Harney St. My phone number is 521-5380 The 3 drops you at 29th and
coffman which is a block and a half from my house  go south on coffman after
you get off the bus turn left on the first street which will be 29th. Go
east up the hill turn left or north  at the first corner which is Harney
cross Harney it is the second house on the right. If you take the 32 get off
at 30th and main go south on main to 29th go west on 29th cross Washington,
Columbia, Danils, Franklin, Grant, then turn right on Harney going North it
is the second house on your right. You will know you are aproaching harney
because you will hear a constant hum of a power sub station Look forward to
having all of you here. Les F 
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