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Hey everyone,

There will be a bus from Portland to the rally in Salem tomorrow morning. The bus will hold about 50 passengers and is wheelchair accessible. Please try to bring a friend or two!

To catch the bus, you need to be at NE Multnomah and 13th (the parking lot across from Lloyd Center) at 9am tomorrow morning, Tuesday the 26th. The bus will pull out of there by 9:30, so make sure you are on it!

I sent a copy of my email from Senator Merkley's office to this list earlier—we are making ourselves known. Together we WILL end the practice of sub-minimum wages for the disabled. We WILL insist on equal work for equal pay. And we will not stop until we've got it!

See you tomorrow at the Regal Cinema/Lloyd Center parking lot, and at the rally in Salem tomorrow!

Joseph - KF7QZC
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