[Cccnfbw] NFBCCC Minutes from Sat. 8/21/10

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thanks Beth for putting this on the list.


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Subject: [Cccnfbw] NFBCCC Minutes from Sat. 8/21/10

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Subject: CCC minutes 8/21/10
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Mike lead the meeting.
Introduction of attendants.
Minutes read by Beth & accepted.
Treasurey $1769.88 at end July, accepted.
Presidental report

Bob and Vince came in during report. Vince took over for Mike.

ovations report. 3 more events.

Reconition dinner: motion to have meeting and lunch on 10/16 11a-2p?, at the
same place as last year. Corperate sponsor, go for it.

First aid kit: set up booth @ wssb registration, state convention. Members
willing to take some to sell.
Irish Town: did not make as much as would like, but not bad. Blue Grass band
host in Portland, bigger following.
Mike: state fundraiser, raffle tickets for IPodTouch, $5. Connie ordered
some, per Les.
Don: wssb registration table, info about nfb, would like more supplies.
Vince: hospitality suite, at state convention. Would like to share with
teens. Talk to Denise Mac. Postponed to next meeting.
Bob: public access. Video of why nfb is import to them. Motion, moved,
Meet the blind month: discussion no conclutions.

Mike: employment seminar possible at state convention, OR might have one
too, their state convention is in Beaverton.

Adjoured 1130a.

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