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I have no such material. So much of our material is on-line these days and until this last year or so, we connected with so WA parents that I did not try to accumulate printed material. However, there's a new publication on-line (admittedly as much for social workers as well as parents) that puts the case that the blind can parent as well as the sighted and I'm sure there's a printable copy if anyone has a good color printer to print off some copies.

Additionally, again if we have a good color printer amongst the membership, I see absoutely no harm and possibly much good in putting out some "Pepsi Challenge" flyers -- at least the one-pager.

I think that if we can fit them in, some of the other suggestions in the email we received on the project are great ideas also although we have a number of things going and it's simply a matter of whether people will participate that determines what we can do. At the very least, we should text Pepsi every day and those with Facebook pages should put in a vote that way. I know Seth Lambkin has gotten on FB simply to vote again but I'll be away from a real computer from September 7 to perhaps September 19 so won't worry about the FB option myself.

I have ipod tickets which I'll give to Les tomorrow.

I know someone on here mentioned the First Aid kits. Have we received those yet? Can't sell what we don't have. (grin)


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  I know Paula can't do it, she is in school. 

  Do we have any material for or from  parents of blind children?





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  The last I talked to anyone about it Paula Beth and you bob were willing to help and Don said he had the supplies and we are on from 10 until I think 2  that is all I know. I am pretty sure they will have a table set up and enough chairs. Thanks guys.


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  What is the situation regarding our chapter at WSSB on September 7th?


  Bob Sellers



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