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nfb_literature NFB Literature
braille_monitor The Braille monitor
nfbtrans NFBTRANS Related Files
nfb_newsletters NFB State and Local Newsletters
nfbcs NFB in Computer Science Files
rd_committee NFB R&D Committee Files
materials_center NFB Materials Center Files
newsletters Blindness Related Newsletters
blind Blindness Related Computer Files
blind_info Blindness-Related Information and Text Files
catalogs Catalogs and Price Lists
bns Braille 'n Speak Files
eurekaa4 Eureka A4 File FileArea
disability ADANET (Disability-Related files)
books Paperless Books
diabetes Diabetes Tracking and Management Software
ada ADA-Related Files
general_info General Information and Text Files
games Games and Entertainment Files
home Home Management Software
cooking Recipe Managers and Cooking-Related Files
hams Amateur Radio Programs and Files (for you Hams)
modems Telecommunications and Other Modem Programs
olr Off-Line Readers
compress File Compression and Archiving Programs
word_processing Word Processors and Text Editors
database Database Programs and Data Files
spreadsheets Calculators and Spreadsheet Programs
utilities General Utilities and OtherPrograms
screen Screen Oriented Utilities
keyboard Keyboard Utilities
disk Disk Utilities
file_utilities File Oriented Utilities and Programs
memory Memory Management Programs and Utilities
dos_shel DOS Shells and Menus
cdrom CD-ROM Information and Help Files
magazine Electronic Periodicals from EPN
publishing_tools Electronic Publishing Tools
reference Reference Materials
history Documents of Historical Significance
poetry Poetry
windows_data Microsoft Windows Data Files

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