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!SHIFTER.ZIP Size: 287282 Date: 1995-02-13 Time: 23:27:36
Shape Shifter Adventure! An exciting new te The most weirdest/coolest/mind boggleing/gre that you will ever play. To win the game, y machine to cure yourself of shape shifterism it? Uploaded by the author: Eric Colomb

2GAMES.ZIP Size: 81837 Date: 1991-08-21 Time: 17:21:26
Demos of two games that work well with speech, Trip to Mars and Blackjack.

3DCUBEV3.ZIP Size: 48065 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
MagicCube V3.001 Computer Solves, VGA Macro Library. All Face..Slice a real cube, too. Practice solving the Rubik's cube with the computer, you can try out series of moves looking for cool patterns (and if you toss it some moves that h

6LTR40.ZIP Size: 64913 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
DOS-based speech-friendly word game

ABBEY.ZIP Size: 51231 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:27:02
find your way through an abandoned abie

ABCTALK.ZIP Size: 215165 Date: 1992-08-28 Time: 03:07:54
Talking educational ABC games for small kids. Uses PC speaker, no voc synth required. Talking but not fully adaptive.

ADV350.ZIP Size: 129407 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:27:48
a good text adventure game

ADV660.ZIP Size: 195660 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:28:04
a text game

ADVSOL10.ZIP Size: 1058437 Date: 1996-08-05 Time: 16:22:04
Adventure Solutions version 1.0 In this collection of solutions to text adventure games, there are about 260 hints, walkthroughs and solutions. Most are commercial, but there are some freeware and shareware solutions also i

AGT15.ZIP Size: 317050 Date: 1995-08-06 Time: 05:12:42
Adventure Game Toolkit Version 1.5. Create your very own text adventure games with this easy-to-use "authoring system" which can be used to make games as professional as those from INFOCOM and others. 384K memory needed. <ASP>

AUD1.TXT Size: 57592 Date: 1996-07-21 Time: 15:21:48
Audyssy, edition 1 of a magazine about speech-friendly games

AUD2.TXT Size: 66119 Date: 1996-09-20 Time: 23:48:12
Audyssey, Number 2, Sept.-Oct. 1996. Magazine about accessible games of interest to blind computer users. good.

AUD4.TXT Size: 70067 Date: 1997-02-08 Time: 19:56:30
Audyssey version 4, magazine about speech-friendly computer games

AUD5.TXT Size: 21833 Date: 1997-04-06 Time: 14:09:30
Audyssey Magazine Number 5. This publication is about speech-friendly games

AUD6.ZIP Size: 28875 Date: 1997-06-16 Time: 12:06:00
Audessy number six, magazine on speech-friendly computer games for blind persons.

AUD7.TXT Size: 95705 Date: 1997-08-26 Time: 14:43:46
Audessy 7, magazine about speech friendly games for blind people

AUD9.ZIP Size: 48781 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
Audyssey gaming magazine for the blind, issue 9, November-December 1997

AUDMST11.ZIP Size: 222128 Date: 1992-05-31 Time: 19:04:04
A full featured program for those who have large record, tape and cd collections. Search by title, artist or song.

BAB200.ZIP Size: 160758 Date: 1992-04-14 Time: 11:59:52
Takes text and mixes and rearranges it to form something new, has a variety of styles and examples, excellent!

BACH.ZIP Size: 4625 Date: 1994-06-19 Time: 14:12:50
bach music

BACKTALK.ZIP Size: 9890 Date: 1995-07-15 Time: 03:18:12
Make Your Computer Be A Wise-guy

BASEBALL.ZIP Size: 27388 Date: 1985-11-21 Time: 09:23:12
baseball is a speech friendly text based game that does not require any form of basic in order to run.

BBTRIVIA.ZIP Size: 115612 Date: 1993-06-03 Time: 02:30:48
Baseball Trivia tests your knowledge of baseball. Categories includes the categories Walk, Single, Double, Triple, Home Run, and Grand Slam. Up to four people can play, and high scores are recorded. Requires 512K and a color monito

BEGIN1.ZIP Size: 92901 Date: 1991-06-27 Time: 20:03:30
a Star-Trek text adventure game.

BIBLEQ.ZIP Size: 85280 Date: 1993-04-26 Time: 06:10:04
Quizzes you about the Bible

BIGRIG.ZIP Size: 43852 Date: 1988-05-11 Time: 19:57:34
text adventure where you are a long haul truck driver

BIGTACTO.ZIP Size: 37773 Date: 1995-05-19 Time: 15:56:06
Large-print tic-tac-toe program includes sound.

BLKJACK.ZIP Size: 94454 Date: 1992-10-29 Time: 20:38:08

CAR97.ZIP Size: 757660 Date: 1997-04-07 Time: 01:13:58
New PCS game which is a car race for blind people, uses sound, lots of fun, demo

CARDVASC.ZIP Size: 62097 Date: 1992-04-26 Time: 10:02:42
Intro to cardiac vascular system

CASHEXP1.ZIP Size: 54317 Date: 1992-05-17 Time: 23:49:24
track your cash expenses with this program

CASTLE.ZIP Size: 60193 Date: 1991-06-12 Time: 23:38:06
escape from the castle--text adventure game.

CAVE.ZIP Size: 46650 Date: 1996-10-22 Time: 13:51:04
cave is an adventure game this .zip file includes a .com file for dos and a cave.c for unix or to look at as a source

CCR.ZIP Size: 344103 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:28:16
the colosle caverevisited. A text game

CDMAN.ZIP Size: 258617 Date: 1992-01-05 Time: 09:12:38
An excellent variation of Pac-Man

CEES-V13.ZIP Size: 293592 Date: 1992-05-17 Time: 23:55:36
Comprehensive Evaluation of Educational software. Reviews of many programs.

CHTIME.ZIP Size: 51744 Date: 1996-02-24 Time: 01:29:36
Description missing!

COLLEGE.ZIP Size: 156089 Date: 1992-04-03 Time: 13:17:50
Helps you select a college based on your needs

COSM-RUN.ZIP Size: 212599 Date: 1993-09-22 Time: 17:10:16
text adventure game where you are a computer consultant working at home

CSTORY11.ZIP Size: 248046 Date: 1992-04-20 Time: 23:16:08
Cumberland Story Version 1.1 Geniology program. Write your or your ancestor's history.

CTQUIZ1.ZIP Size: 168983 Date: 1993-09-22 Time: 17:09:02
Quiz game which asks computer trivia questions

CYBERLOG.ZIP Size: 80950 Date: 1995-08-14 Time: 13:22:54
<yberlogue 1.01 Hold intelligent, insightful conversations w Educational & entertaining. Your Virtual Be

DEEPSPAC.ZIP Size: 134933 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:28:38
a deep space adventure game.

DOD11.ZIP Size: 210612 Date: 1992-10-24 Time: 18:27:54
Doctor on disk handy program

DOS-JOKE.ZIP Size: 140379 Date: 1992-06-01 Time: 09:21:10
Makes your computer look like it's in DOS but human voice comes out of speaker each time command is tried! Funny.

DOS.ZIP Size: 140379 Date: 1993-08-22 Time: 15:54:40
Your computer can make a variety of sounds and voices--FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY

DOSBASEB.ZIP Size: 682254 Date: 1997-02-11 Time: 00:28:52
dos text baseball game listen for sound to swing bat uses pc speaker or sound card has bios writes and built in macro keys for screen readers

DOSCCLOK.ZIP Size: 37423 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
DOS-based clock used to time chess rounds and keep track of those rounds by Jim Kitchen

DOSCON2.ZIP Size: 400834 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
DOS game of Concentration by Jim Kitchen, Ma

DOSLIFE.ZIP Size: 44968 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:49:54
DOS text version of the board game life has bios writes for screen readers.

DOSMAMI.ZIP Size: 31704 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:50:12
DOS text version of the game Master Mind with bios writes and built in macro keys for screen readers.

DOSNAKE2.ZIP Size: 245685 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Snakes and Ladders, DOS-based speech friendly game by Jim Kitchen, Roll dice and to the top first.

DOSPOKE2.ZIP Size: 408703 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
DOS Draw Poker game by Jim Kitchen

DOSREAC2.ZIP Size: 44856 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Reaction, a DOS-based game from Jim Kitchen. Measures how quickly you respond to tones or a green light.

DOSYAHT2.ZIP Size: 112047 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Speech friendly DOS-based Yahtsee game from Jim Kitchen

DRINKS.ZIP Size: 22829 Date: 1992-01-15 Time: 22:16:02
This ascii file is a really good collection of drink recipes from a to z.

DRIVE-IN.ZIP Size: 69076 Date: 1996-09-28 Time: 23:09:34
An evening at the Drive-In with Andrea, a text adventure game

DRSHRINK.ZIP Size: 132428 Date: 1992-05-17 Time: 23:50:50
learn a lot about yourself with this program

DUNJIN43.ZIP Size: 222253 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:28:52
This is a follow up of the imortal game, zork

EC3.ZIP Size: 116173 Date: 1994-04-14 Time: 17:56:58
Enchanted Castle text adventure game

ELEMENTS.COM Size: 38272 Date: 1992-11-04 Time: 12:42:04
Periodic table of the elements

ELF17.ZIP Size: 167786 Date: 1992-05-17 Time: 23:51:32
Elf's Christmas Adventure a text adventure game

ELIZA.ZIP Size: 13366 Date: 1990-05-17 Time: 04:18:44
Have your computer help you with your problems!

EMOTION.ZIP Size: 44168 Date: 1987-08-11 Time: 23:58:04
a program where you answer question's and found out about yourself.

FAN.ZIP Size: 146523 Date: 1996-05-28 Time: 23:22:18
Description missing!

FORTUNE.ZIP Size: 108620 Date: 1990-02-05 Time: 23:50:18
generate short pithy sayings like fortune cookies.

FQ-V14A.ZIP Size: 174487 Date: 1991-12-09 Time: 10:33:56
The fire safety quiz upgraded with new information! If you have the quiz already, then download this new one. If not, here's your chance. Use as a doorway with doorway.exe play at home stand-alone. Educational and fun.

FRANK.ZIP Size: 22366 Date: 1992-03-27 Time: 21:34:44
AI program -- turns your computer into a shrink. Hilarious!

FRUST102.ZIP Size: 199741 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 15:48:36
Text Adventure, man goes down Manhole.

FUNNELS.ZIP Size: 43284 Date: 1991-06-27 Time: 21:48:54
a children math game. simple math.

GEO.ZIP Size: 22178 Date: 1990-05-17 Time: 04:46:42
Geography quiz game, good with speech

GFLEECE.ZIP Size: 175144 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 15:48:52
Text Adventure, golden fleece.

GNU32.ZIP Size: 186941 Date: 1993-08-02 Time: 14:15:10
Speech-friendly chess game

GOLF82A.ZIP Size: 259928 Date: 1997-02-11 Time: 00:29:24
1982 dos text golf game listen to sound to swing club uses pc speaker or sound card has bios writes and built in macro keys for screen readers

GOLF96B.ZIP Size: 124555 Date: 1996-03-16 Time: 19:05:44
Description missing!

GTDOS150.ZIP Size: 107018 Date: 1993-10-10 Time: 14:05:30
GUITAR TEACHER 1.50 Chord database

HACKER.ZIP Size: 49590 Date: 1992-03-12 Time: 18:40:20
Are you a REAL hacker? Take this test & find out! Also included: humorous dictionary of computer terms.

HANGMAN.ZIP Size: 48204 Date: 1992-08-28 Time: 03:32:34
Great version of Hangman with different modes of play.

HAUNT.ZIP Size: 38685 Date: 1992-08-28 Time: 02:49:42
A Haunted House text adventure game. Short and small, but fun.

HEARTS.ZIP Size: 16888 Date: 1992-04-30 Time: 09:34:52
Speech-friendly version of the card game hearts

HGRAIL.ZIP Size: 190252 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 15:49:02
Text Adventure, search for the Holy Grail.

HITS.ZIP Size: 85858 Date: 1992-04-22 Time: 08:39:52
Rock and Roll trivia game

HON-EMP.ZIP Size: 42857 Date: 1997-03-07 Time: 15:56:00
A very good starwoars meets startrek story.

HOOPS.BAS Size: 4864 Date: 1992-05-25 Time: 23:14:36

HUMAN1.ZIP Size: 278968 Date: 1997-03-06 Time: 16:17:44
A grate startrek story.

HUMBUG.ZIP Size: 141811 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:29:20
a strange text advenutre game.

HUMBUG44.ZIP Size: 148259 Date: 1992-01-24 Time: 14:02:18
Humbug v4.4:Huge text adventure game. You are sent to Grandad's for the holidays, but some- thing strange is afoot. Why is there a time machine in the cellar? What would you do with a trombone, a terrapin, and half a pound of lard? By

I55PC.ZIP Size: 634745 Date: 1996-08-05 Time: 16:21:12
Inform 5.5 PC version This program is an Infocom-compatible text adventure game compiler. It makes files which can be used by Infocom-compatible interpreters like Jzip and Zip.

INFO.TXT Size: 6121 Date: 1997-01-25 Time: 15:50:30
this file contains some games that are speech friendly, and where to find them. It also has some E-text information.

IQTEST.ZIP Size: 27582 Date: 1991-07-01 Time: 15:53:34
test your intelligence with these multiple choice questions with different catagories.

JEFFJOKE.BAS Size: 1920 Date: 1992-05-25 Time: 23:12:36

JIM.ZIP Size: 87559 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:29:56
a text game written by the same man who wrote humbug

LIFETIME.ZIP Size: 24538 Date: 1988-03-29 Time: 10:32:28
compute your life expectancy

LINARES.ZIP Size: 25286 Date: 1992-04-09 Time: 14:58:34
Text file on a whole chess tournament

LOST202.ZIP Size: 246848 Date: 1995-08-06 Time: 05:15:44
you are lost in the forest with few recorces in this text adventure game.

MAJIK.ZIP Size: 16974 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:30:14
a text game, you must explore, and find.

MANOR.ZIP Size: 48138 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:30:32
find out what has been going on ina manner for the past hundred years.

MATHWO1A.ZIP Size: 355635 Date: 1992-05-28 Time: 20:05:32
Math Workout Version 1, arithmetic drills for all ages intended to improve mental calculations

MCMURPHY.ZIP Size: 182084 Date: 1995-08-06 Time: 05:16:20
In this text adventure, you must find the treasure in an old mantion.

MEGPUP40.ZIP Size: 278942 Date: 1993-08-24 Time: 19:02:50
MegaPups Ver 4.0 easy to learn dog handicapping

MN96.ZIP Size: 946845 Date: 1996-05-28 Time: 23:22:18
Description missing!

MONOPOLY.ZIP Size: 56242 Date: 1987-12-07 Time: 08:30:00
computerized version of the famous board game.

MYERS.ZIP Size: 21603 Date: 1986-08-18 Time: 19:46:34
Find out more about yourself with this test.

NERDTEST.ZIP Size: 9895 Date: 1993-05-02 Time: 01:55:02
Take this test to see how much of a nerd you really are!

NFL40.ZIP Size: 152775 Date: 1991-12-31 Time: 14:35:52
National Football League stats from 1980 up. Author updates it every week.

NIRV20.ZIP Size: 86614 Date: 1991-06-11 Time: 23:11:58
Nirvana-a wonderful fantasy text adventure ga

NOBEERC2.ZIP Size: 218869 Date: 1995-08-27 Time: 17:19:40
two files: nobeer, a text adventure, and compnerd, a test to see if you are a computer nerd!

NOVA.ZIP Size: 150500 Date: 1987-05-27 Time: 04:13:56
Space age text adventure.

ORACLE.ZIP Size: 221070 Date: 1989-11-17 Time: 09:29:18
A tarot card reading program

PCDUNGEO.ZIP Size: 140176 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:30:54
this is a predisesor to the clasic game, zork.

PCGAMES.ZIP Size: 38335 Date: 1993-02-06 Time: 15:52:04
This is a collection of computer games. Some of them must be run in Basic. They appear to be Vista friendly.

PCTUNES.ZIP Size: 110649 Date: 1992-04-18 Time: 19:23:28
A "Name-that-tune" music game. Lot's of fun!

PCWORLD.ZIP Size: 98216 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:31:14
a scify game. You are an geologist on a strange world.

PIANO.ZIP Size: 1162 Date: 1991-10-09 Time: 11:48:04

PINOCHLE.ZIP Size: 28580 Date: 1992-04-30 Time: 09:35:54
Speech-Friendly version of the card game pinochle

POKER54.ZIP Size: 49470 Date: 1992-10-19 Time: 08:48:22
A text-based draw poker game. This one works with speech synthesis.

PORK13.ZIP Size: 193915 Date: 1991-10-18 Time: 14:52:40
New, fun , and great text adventure game that talks well with the bios switch.

PPLAN.ZIP Size: 319257 Date: 1992-06-05 Time: 13:07:46
'Smart-And-Easy Party Planner, version 1.0. automate lists, invitations, thank yous etc.

PRESIDNT.ZIP Size: 345515 Date: 1991-11-18 Time: 14:52:24
Learn more about the U.S. Presidents. Don't know how well this one talks.

PSYCH2.ZIP Size: 12958 Date: 1987-12-22 Time: 02:25:48
social readjustment test

PYTHON.ARJ Size: 168160 Date: 1992-02-09 Time: 19:57:06
A collection of Monte Python text files from their movies and tv skits, great commedy.

PZ97.ZIP Size: 1277320 Date: 1997-04-07 Time: 01:15:08
Panciers in North Africa, tank battle game for the blind, demo from PCS, lots of fun

RALF.ZIP Size: 179179 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:31:34
a scify text adventure game.

RIFBOOK.COM Size: 34443 Date: 1992-12-04 Time: 23:36:16
Here's a holiday upper. It's the federal personnel reduction in Force manual. Self executing file: can produce text file.

RODNEY.ZIP Size: 21791 Date: 1988-06-04 Time: 14:13:50
Your computer can generate insults just like Rodney Dangerfield!

RUMMY48.ZIP Size: 84624 Date: 1990-07-10 Time: 16:27:06
A gin rummy game good game

SAVEPRIN.ZIP Size: 317453 Date: 1995-08-27 Time: 17:20:20
save prenston, a text adventure game.

SFPAK2.ZIP Size: 289657 Date: 1991-12-16 Time: 10:33:06
Great science factoring program that talks super. If you like science or want to learn: get it!

SHOOT96.ZIP Size: 886463 Date: 1996-07-28 Time: 19:22:22
Shooting Range 1.0, Shoot um up shooting game for blind guys with sound effects Great!!!

SKULL.ZIP Size: 75801 Date: 1991-12-31 Time: 15:21:44
a horror text adventure game

SKYLAND.ZIP Size: 309584 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:31:48
[ 313BBS28.ZIP [ 1] Horst Mann's area code 313 BBS list. This is a list of public boards in the Detroit area.

SOUNDZ.ZIP Size: 271377 Date: 1992-08-13 Time: 20:35:58
SoundZ 2.22 The ULTIMATE audio librarian handles tapes, CDs, 45s,LPs,78s, and reels. UNLIMITED tunes per side, standard header info PLUS a text file for each title of up to 5000 lines. Prints lists, catalogs, inserts, labels and mor

STARFACT.ZIP Size: 53482 Date: 1992-02-04 Time: 11:04:56
Description missing!

STARTREK.ZIP Size: 59476 Date: 1992-08-21 Time: 15:43:32
Description missing!

SYMBOL30.ZIP Size: 79476 Date: 1991-11-08 Time: 11:42:38
Description missing!

T2ZERO.ZIP Size: 233344 Date: 1995-08-27 Time: 17:21:10
Description missing!

TADS2DOC.ZIP Size: 69407 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:32:20
Description missing!

TADS2EXE.ZIP Size: 168290 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:32:46
Description missing!

TCGAME.ZIP Size: 106137 Date: 1992-09-29 Time: 23:27:22
Here's a great text adventure for Talking Checkbook users. It uses the data of the checkbook but does not hurt anything. Enjoy! It's fun and it's free.

TENPIN96.ZIP Size: 802459 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
Sound-oriented bowling game demo, written specifically for blind persons. Fun.

TERROR.ZIP Size: 26888 Date: 1991-07-01 Time: 15:50:52
Description missing!

THIEF.ZIP Size: 240043 Date: 1993-09-22 Time: 17:08:54
Description missing!

TIME.ZIP Size: 293092 Date: 1989-01-05 Time: 15:33:32
Description missing!

TIME2.ZIP Size: 1112634 Date: 1996-07-21 Time: 08:23:44
A Matter of Time, text adventure game with sounds. Gpo back in time to rescue scientist

TLKBSEBL.ZIP Size: 186856 Date: 1994-02-27 Time: 10:05:06
Description missing!

TNGWSCNC.ZIP Size: 38341 Date: 1997-03-04 Time: 06:53:42
A grate starwoars meets startrek story.

TODAY23.ZIP Size: 93529 Date: 1980-01-01 Time: 05:26:00
Description missing!

TOPTENS.ZIP Size: 138953 Date: 1992-03-24 Time: 09:20:54
Description missing!

TREKHIST.ZIP Size: 59484 Date: 1991-11-20 Time: 13:51:56
Description missing!

TRILOGY.ZIP Size: 235796 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:33:12
Description missing!

TRIV2000.ZIP Size: 101214 Date: 1986-12-27 Time: 16:55:52
Description missing!

TRIVIA2.ZIP Size: 317459 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
DOS trivia game from Jim Kitchen

TRIVTREK.ZIP Size: 51976 Date: 1986-11-10 Time: 01:48:16
Description missing!

TUNE.ZIP Size: 84807 Date: 1991-06-27 Time: 19:55:42
Description missing!

TUNETRIV.ZIP Size: 73987 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:52:54
Description missing!

TYCOON.ZIP Size: 55261 Date: 1991-07-21 Time: 23:47:50
Description missing!

TZERO.ZIP Size: 226605 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:33:32
Description missing!

UNNK1V30.ZIP Size: 272321 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:33:44
ADVENTIONS presents "Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure," a text adventure written with TADS. Unnkulian Underworld has gotten rave reviews from adventure gamers around the world for its excellent prose, challenging puzzles, an

UNNK2V30.ZIP Size: 293538 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:34:00
ADVENTIONS presents "Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme," the sequel to the popular "Unnkulian Underworld." UU2 is a text adventure that features a full sentence parser, a large vocabulary, nearly 100 locations and 64 carryable

VBRUN300.ZIP Size: 229735 Date: 1997-04-27 Time: 01:39:34
This archive contains vbrun300.dll, a DlL file that is needed to run many Visual Basic programs and games

VIP.ZIP Size: 113003 Date: 1996-08-15 Time: 14:34:08 is: V.I.P. games for Dos. Works good with vocal-eyes. Use pkunzip to unarchive.

VIP611.ZIP Size: 270010 Date: 1994-06-18 Time: 16:09:38
Description missing!

VPTUT24.ZIP Size: 80966 Date: 1993-12-30 Time: 17:05:38
Description missing!

WCHTXT.ZIP Size: 187209 Date: 1992-11-08 Time: 07:44:18
Description missing!

WCLRS105.ZIP Size: 273050 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 00:46:08
Description missing!

WFOOT_E.ZIP Size: 118513 Date: 1997-01-22 Time: 19:30:28
WordFootball version 1.0 - language game for

WINNER93.ZIP Size: 122173 Date: 1993-09-18 Time: 21:10:22
Description missing!

WORLDSRC.ZIP Size: 102105 Date: 1995-07-27 Time: 11:34:14
Description missing!

WPLAN.ZIP Size: 344252 Date: 1992-06-05 Time: 13:08:32
Description missing!

WSBB11.ZIP Size: 1344387 Date: 1997-04-27 Time: 13:33:30
World Series Baseball demo with sounds, pretty neat.

WSBBDEMO.EXE Size: 378665 Date: 1996-11-30 Time: 19:59:32
world series baseball demo from Harry Hollingsworth in Akron Ohio (330) 644-2421 for the complete game.

YAHT.ZIP Size: 26923 Date: 1991-08-21 Time: 17:23:34
Description missing!

ZIDECAR.ZIP Size: 151667 Date: 1992-08-13 Time: 20:36:26
ZideCar 2.20 An add on program for SoundZ. Works with SoundZ' files to help users find fillers for tapes & helps users total times on tapes. BUT its biggest strength lies in allowing to the user to pick & chose entries to construct ne

ZPELLER.ZIP Size: 228891 Date: 1992-08-13 Time: 20:36:50
Zpeller 2.00 Spelling & Vocabulary Teacher. Handles up to 19 students, student enters correct spelling & defintions for up to 32000 words. Performs 7 different types of tests, and tracks wrong answer for immediate retest. Also has test

Files: 174 Kilobytes: 30378