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File Oriented Utilities and Programs

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AP600A.ZIP Size: 165195 Date: 1993-06-27 Time: 17:58:30
ARCPLUS v6.0A from GDSOFT. BETA Release !! A complete MULTI window virtual file mananger that can create archives in ANY format from ALL disks and paths on your system. Designed to make creating archives EASY !!!!! The file manager all

APNDFILE.ZIP Size: 15116 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 18:51:20
Append File 1.0 DOS file appending program.

BATMN21E.ZIP Size: 75678 Date: 1995-07-15 Time: 03:30:00
BATMN21E.ZIP Batman ver.2.10e - by Thor Ivar Ekle (1989,90). Import from Norway! compiles BAT files into faster-running EXE files, provides enhanced batch language, even an interactive debugger! English version. More features than

BIGTXT23.ZIP Size: 347714 Date: 1993-07-24 Time: 19:22:46
BigText 2.3 turns ordinary text into executables

BOOKE105.ZIP Size: 154679 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 10:19:36
The Book-E v1.05 from Relative Software. Make stand alone EXE's from plain text files to distribute newsletters, manuals, electron books, and any disktop publishing material. Customize your finished EXE with different window colors

BOOKREAD.ZIP Size: 30383 Date: 1993-10-03 Time: 22:11:42
READ is a program designed to aid writers and publishers publish any type of text material computer disk. Features include text search, automatic table of contents, bookmark, print a hard copy, and more.

CDATE.ZIP Size: 12735 Date: 1993-11-20 Time: 00:42:32
this is a date stamp utility that lets you put a new date and time stamp on your archieve or any file you may have.

CHANG608.ZIP Size: 92683 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
CHANGE.EXE (6.08): Processes change commands in files. Files can be of any size and type (e.g. binary or text) and are processed quickly. Up to thirty change commands can be processed in a single pass. Also provides ability to

COPS509.ZIP Size: 61960 Date: 1995-10-16 Time: 22:49:36
COPSINCE.EXE (5.09): Copies all files modified since a given date. Primarily used for making sure you have a back-up of stuff and also to copy updated programs to another place. Lets you define your own groupings of files if desi

CTRL3-80.ZIP Size: 152978 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
Control3: FAST file managment - times three. Control 3 is like Norton Commander, only faster. This simple to operate file management system has all the features you will need but times three, as you can display and control THREE drives

DELEX127.ZIP Size: 42643 Date: 1993-09-28 Time: 21:38:12
DelEx 1.27 allows deleting all files except the patterns that you specify. DelEx will handle ten patterns at once. Delex also erases hidden and read-only files. Delex will also keep logs of its file deletions. All deletions are

DIRCO608.ZIP Size: 135476 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
DIRCOMP.EXE (6.08): Updates files in one subdirectory based on files in another subdirectory. Similar in some ways to DOS's REPLACE command but adds ability to delete extra files in the destination subdirectory, copy hidden and

DIRTO608.ZIP Size: 142407 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
DIRTOTAL.EXE (6.08): Prepares report showing files in subdirectory or drive. Allows restricting search based on date, size, attributes, etc. Works on networked and CD-ROM drives. Produces more formalized report than some utiliti

DLS017.ZIP Size: 11188 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
Duplicate (tag)line Stripper --------------------------------------- DLS very simply removes duplicate lines from textfiles. Leaves the original file intact --------------------------------------- Freeware, version 0.17

DRKR038.ZIP Size: 53621 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 00:40:26
Dr. Krypton 0.38 encrypts & decrypts files

EXEMAS30.ZIP Size: 41777 Date: 1993-09-08 Time: 00:24:04
EXE Master 3.0 Identify all forms of executables

FBR182.ZIP Size: 15553 Date: 1992-07-12 Time: 01:08:00
Vern Buerg's File Backup/Restore Utility v1.82

FERRET.ZIP Size: 726549 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
File Ferret 1.10 File Finder Superior search features including multiple disk drives, multiple file mask, date & size ranges, text searches, export and printing capabilities. Registered Version includes file viewer. A No

FFF51.ZIP Size: 243093 Date: 1995-09-24 Time: 21:03:52
FileFinder v5.1 - <ASP> Finds Files, & DIRS on normal, networked,& CDROM drives & inside compressed files, also locates DUP files.. Extremely fast and versatile. NEW - Search for file x days old, US, European, and Japanese syle dates s

FFF52.ZIP Size: 246099 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
FileFinder v5.2 - <ASP> Finds Files, & DIRS on normal, networked,& CDROM drives & inside compressed files, also locates DUP files.. Extremely fast and versatile. NEW - Ability to modify file attributes and stop search after user specif

CORTST28.ZIP Size: 31282 Date: 1988-05-16 Time: 10:28:18

FHD201.ZIP Size: 235983 Date: 1995-11-13 Time: 00:34:56
File_Handle v2.01 <ASP> - File Management for DOS, Windows and LAN's. Finds files and runs programs easily. Get an overview of all files on the system. Can be hooked up to the tools you already know. Featuring a flexible File-Finder,

FILEQ22.ZIP Size: 115049 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
FileQuery v2.2 10/96 FREEWARE by FO'X incl. 3 special versions for DOS,OS/2,Win32 Enhanced DIR,ATTRIB,text/file SEARCH command with nice, configurable, COLORED output! Features: -GREP like fulltext-search -REAL size of files on d

FILESET6.ZIP Size: 63441 Date: 1995-10-16 Time: 22:49:38
A series of dos programs to set/get file attributes. Developed for dos batch file use. All programs use command line input with wildcards.

FILL608.ZIP Size: 92922 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
FILL.EXE (6.08): Program designed to move files off to floppy diskettes, taking the biggest files first and skipping those that won't fit. Also provides option of splitting large files, creating a status report, and other featur

FILTERS.ZIP Size: 17030 Date: 1986-11-27 Time: 23:02:40
several filtering utilities, also sorts.

FILUP608.ZIP Size: 74125 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
FILUPDAT.EXE (6.08): Program which compares a selected list of files in a source path against those in another path and copies those that have been updated. Similar to DOS' REPLACE command but works from a stored list of files

FINDX.ZIP Size: 11557 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
"FINDER" V1.6 With Optional AND/OR Search, S One or Many Files at one time, for a Text Pa Also, "Finder" can be used to View One or Ma (Sequentially) at one time.

FIXTX608.ZIP Size: 76661 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
FIXTEXT.EXE (6.08): Program which applies a user-definable character-translation table to a text file. Can allow you to convert graphics characters to their text equivalents, lowercase letters to uppercase letter, etc. Can al

FLEXP201.ZIP Size: 163184 Date: 1992-03-11 Time: 12:05:10
FLEXIBAK Plus v 2.01. Hard Disk Backup. Features compression, selective backups and a unique backup method where you only have to take a full backup once! Now 3 times as fast as

FLEXPLUS.ZIP Size: 116819 Date: 1991-05-26 Time: 12:39:14
This is a simple shareware backup program

FMAN12.ZIP Size: 121984 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
FMAN v1.2 - A compact MS-DOS File Manager that lets you maintain Annotated Directory Listings to help overcome the DOS 8-plus-3 naming convention. Features include Copy, Move, Delete, File Search, Directory Sort. Run executable progr

FR10.ZIP Size: 261777 Date: 1994-04-14 Time: 17:56:58
Fr Tools version 1.0 cleans up output from ocr systems. It corrects ocr errors, strips blank lines, removes unnecessary spaces, converts word processor files to plain text, word wraps, decolumnizes text and if that's not enough, Fr To

FSTAMP.ZIP Size: 33493 Date: 1995-04-28 Time: 14:37:10
FSTAMP.EXE v1.31 - Command line utility to change the time/date of files. Operates on a single file, a group of files or a list of files specified by a file list. File lists are compatible with PKZIP file lists. Various command line o

FSTCRYP1.ZIP Size: 11330 Date: 1993-10-02 Time: 19:01:56
Fast Encrypt 1.0 Excellent new Encryption/Decryption system. Much better than DES or RSA. Uses 128 bit key, extremely secure. Very fast, was written entirely in 386 Assembler. Full 32 bit, 386/486 ONLY. Inc

GX004.ZIP Size: 34420 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
GETEX scans a text file for occurances of user specified keywords, and will write to a seperate file portions of the input file occuring between the keywords specified. version 0.04

HIDIR126.ZIP Size: 31088 Date: 1993-10-10 Time: 11:32:48
HiDir V1.26 makes directories invisible. HiDir will keep prying eyes away from your valuable data. Out of sight, out of mind. Registration is only $6.00 SDN

HYPGEN44.ZIP Size: 83825 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:29:42
HyperRead hypertext Generator version 4.4. Allows you to convert ordinary ASCII text files to hypertext files. Useful for electronic publishers and shareware authors to distribute their publications and instruction manuals.

HYPRED42.ZIP Size: 25587 Date: 1993-09-26 Time: 18:09:58
HyperRead hypertext reader version 4.3. Allows you to read hypertext files created with the HyperRead hypertext Generator.

JIVE.ZIP Size: 16546 Date: 1995-08-06 Time: 05:15:28
a program that converts text files to jive.

JUMBO301.ZIP Size: 310370 Date: 1992-11-26 Time: 06:44:46
Colorado Jumbo Tape drive software

KILLER2.ZIP Size: 14469 Date: 1995-10-18 Time: 00:56:54
Two programs to seriously delete files. Killfile.exe will delete readonly, hidden, and system files. Killzero.exe will delete zerolength files of any attribute setting. Both are developed for batch file use and can function with co

LAMCH102.ZIP Size: 169102 Date: 1992-01-21 Time: 01:02:00
LambChop v1.02 File Splitter/Mender w/ Numerous Features

LAND106.ZIP Size: 5351 Date: 1993-02-22 Time: 15:19:28
Allows landscape printing for ASCII docs on HP jet printers-fm Portugal.

LLPRO.ZIP Size: 352097 Date: 1993-11-02 Time: 12:07:20
laplink pro. given away by the developer. perfect for pc-to-pc direct transfers.

MAKEREAD.ZIP Size: 4093 Date: 1988-06-17 Time: 12:25:08
Converts TEXT files to self viewing .COM files, may prevent alteration of text by most people.

NAME.ZIP Size: 6471 Date: 1986-09-07 Time: 23:50:48
Rename a file in one easy step.

NEV0493F.ZIP Size: 197120 Date: 1993-05-21 Time: 20:21:16
NEVERLOCK April 1993 You can unprotect 100's of popular games with Shareware NeverLock. Menu driven. Automatic. No programming required. A registered version unprotects EVERLOCK _._._._ COPY PROTECTION REMOVAL _.

PIGAS102.ZIP Size: 205619 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 00:32:06
PiGAS SECURITY Version 1.02 <ASP> \ Protect the information in your PC against unauthorized access. The protected data becomes totally unavailable even when using a powerful disk utility or booting from a diskette. Unlimited nu

PREXCM31.ZIP Size: 38712 Date: 1993-09-08 Time: 00:24:04
Protect! EXE/COM v.3.1 - Encrypts & protects your EXE / COM files, leaving them executable and making a FILE INTEGRITY CHECK using a CRC when they run. Prevents REVERSE ENGINEERING, HACKING, and MODIFICATION of programs. This new versi

PRIVATE.ZIP Size: 73962 Date: 1990-01-12 Time: 21:04:58
Easy to use file encrypter.

QICBAT.ZIP Size: 262382 Date: 1996-03-15 Time: 00:38:50
QIC-BAT for CMS v1.2 <ASP> Tape backup utility for Colorado Tape Drives. Unleashes the power of your CMS tape backup software by providing access to features not available using CMS's menu software. Creates error-free

QR20.ZIP Size: 222620 Date: 1993-10-24 Time: 21:48:10
This is the latest version of the ascii text file/study system written by George McCoy. Good program and cheap to register.

QREN10.ZIP Size: 15334 Date: 1992-02-19 Time: 11:57:54
QREN v1.0 - Rename Files Using Date/Time Information

READ403.ZIP Size: 276558 Date: 1994-03-31 Time: 06:23:30
READ.EXE: Simplified version of a file browser. Only works with files of 16,000 lines or less (maybe 800,000 bytes). Includes program to make any text file self-viewing and initializer program.

SADEL100.ZIP Size: 7300 Date: 1995-10-18 Time: 00:56:46
SafeDel is a resident program that intercepts all delete attempts on files to replace them with move operations. The deleted files are put in a special directory where they can be recovered.

SEE400.ZIP Size: 72838 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:31:02
SEE 4.00 (File Viewer) from MicroFox Company. Scroll any size file in any direction with full mouse support and on-line help. Can freeze top rows and left columns while the rest of the screen scrolls and can search for character string

SF70.ZIP Size: 70274 Date: 1994-09-17 Time: 06:42:42
SuperFind v7.0 is an enhanced DOS file find uility. Find files by wildcards,attributes, sizes,date/date ranges. Search multiple and network drives. SF scans the drive/dir spec only once, allowing multiple finds. SF permits located file

SORTF.ZIP Size: 10823 Date: 1994-02-02 Time: 09:02:30
file sorting program

TAD127.ZIP Size: 41004 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 17:49:52
Time And Date (TAD) Version 1.27 allows changing the time and date on files. TAD supports wildcards. TAD also will keep logs on files that it has changed. For batch processing a quiet mode is included. Registration is only $10.00.

TARGET15.ZIP Size: 70902 Date: 1992-07-21 Time: 17:56:18
Target v1.5 - McAfee's File Locator and Manipulator

TXTAB608.ZIP Size: 84099 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
TXTABLE.EXE (6.08): Program to generate text tables. Allows inputs to be HTML-based as well as one-record per cell. Freeware.

USAREAD.ZIP Size: 109105 Date: 1993-06-01 Time: 17:35:34
This program permits browsing and exporting to another file the usatoday files. Can also be read with ralth the reader.

VASN126.ZIP Size: 33861 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 17:55:54
Volume and Serial Number Version 1.26 allows changing the serial number and volume name on disks formatted with DOS versions 4 and above. Registration is only $6.00 SMSnet, SDN

VIEW100E.ZIP Size: 87979 Date: 1996-04-07 Time: 04:52:28
VIEW 10.0e - the file viewer for DOS. Read, convert and print Wordperfect, Word, Word for Windows, Ami Pro, Wordstar, Write, Notepad, HTML, ASCII, ANSI and UNIX files. Full text search functions. Several print functions. Use in D

WIZ251.ZIP Size: 31672 Date: 1992-02-26 Time: 22:28:54
WIZ v2.51 - Lightening-Fast File Find Utility w/ Many Filters

WIZ37.ZIP Size: 125367 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
Lightning fast, multi-disk file finder. Full wildcards--better that DOS's. Scans multiple disks, and within archives. Can quality files by size, date, class -- executable, archive. Find duplicate files-works good on gigabyte+ disks

WSSI531A.ZIP Size: 162670 Date: 1994-03-20 Time: 23:21:18
Wssindex cataloger vers. 5.31, part 1 of 2. Build database of directory info. Extract info from ARC, ARJ, LZH, ZIP, self- extracting, others. Extract image size and no. of colors from GIF, others. Add comments & categories to files and

WSSI531B.ZIP Size: 121546 Date: 1994-03-20 Time: 23:40:10
Wssindex cataloger vers. 5.31, part 2 of 2.

ZDIR.ZIP Size: 24666 Date: 1994-05-11 Time: 13:30:06
expanded dir command with many options including color, sorting find etc.

ZIP162.ZIP Size: 30382 Date: 1993-03-09 Time: 20:29:02
ZIP v1.62 - Fast Serial File Transfer Utility

ZUTILS02.ZIP Size: 54105 Date: 1995-11-03 Time: 15:26:50
A collection of tiny utilities: ZCode - en/decoding files ZImage- read/write image files ZLock - locking utility ZPart - save/restore/modify the Partition table of a HD ZSlow - slow down a PC (for older games) Shareware (25

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