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Disk Utilities

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1CAT100.ZIP Size: 28454 Date: 1995-08-27 Time: 17:16:26
a utility to catgorize your disks, need 4dos, or norton dos.

ACD201.ZIP Size: 37570 Date: 1992-01-12 Time: 02:01:00
ACD v2.01 - Intelligent Change Directory Utility

ADJRAM41.ZIP Size: 57019 Date: 1988-05-15 Time: 20:39:48
Adjustable ramdisk, uses ram or EMS

ANAD206.ZIP Size: 120448 Date: 1992-03-02 Time: 10:32:36
AnaDisk v2.06 - Examine/Edit/Analyze Diskettes

AUTOBACK.ZIP Size: 45807 Date: 1989-12-06 Time: 00:00:54
Automate harddisk backups, needs Fastback

BACPLUS.ZIP Size: 53268 Date: 1988-12-03 Time: 20:29:00
simple backup program.

BFIND608.ZIP Size: 74977 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
BFIND.EXE (6.08): Allows Boolean-type FIND requests. For example, find any line with one string AND another one, or any line with one string OR another. Also allows wildcarded input file names. Freeware.

C-FORMAT.ZIP Size: 13953 Date: 1986-07-25 Time: 13:03:54
Quick format disks with many options.

CATDISK.ZIP Size: 116281 Date: 1992-01-01 Time: 21:22:30
CATDISK version 4.13 Disk catalogueing program. past versions have worked with speech

CDISK721.ZIP Size: 353597 Date: 1993-10-31 Time: 01:25:24
CatDisk v7.21 Disk and File cataloging system

CDSKA842.ZIP Size: 419256 Date: 1995-09-24 Time: 21:02:22
Disk Catalog System/CATDISK v8.42 <ASP> (1 of 3) Excellent system to track & manage files in disk collections. Pull-down menus, pop-up windows, online help, mouse, file categories, multi-line file comments.

CDSKB842.ZIP Size: 205346 Date: 1995-09-24 Time: 21:02:26
Disk Catalog System/CATDISK v8.42 <ASP> (2 of 3) Excellent system to track & manage files in disk collections. Pull-down menus, pop-up windows, online help, mouse, file categories, multi-line file comments.

CDSKC842.ZIP Size: 396452 Date: 1995-09-24 Time: 21:02:24
Disk Catalog System/CATDISK v8.42 <ASP> (3 of 3) Excellent system to track & manage files in disk collections. Pull-down menus, pop-up windows, online help, mouse, file categories, multi-line file comments.

CLEANER2.ZIP Size: 42850 Date: 1997-01-22 Time: 19:30:28
Disk Drive Cleaner v2 <ASP> - Rosenthal Engeering. Cleans floppy disk drive R/W heads safely & effectively, preventing data loss, unreliable performance and errors due to microscopic foreign particles, dirt, dust, oxides and smoke

CLF152.ZIP Size: 24263 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 18:32:10
CleanFL v1.52- Clean your floppy heads in an easy and efficient manner.

CMF536.ZIP Size: 185927 Date: 1993-09-13 Time: 18:44:16
CMFiler 5.36c versatile Disk/File Manager

CNFMT106.ZIP Size: 41958 Date: 1990-03-18 Time: 21:07:02
Disk formatter with options.

COMBI110.ZIP Size: 40276 Date: 1992-12-01 Time: 01:10:00
COMBI-Disk v1.1 - RAM Disk and Disk Cache

COPPY36.ZIP Size: 11927 Date: 1988-12-19 Time: 16:18:26

COPYQ300.ZIP Size: 77412 Date: 1992-07-16 Time: 16:31:40
CopyQM v3.0 - Copies Master Diskette to Multiple Blank Floppies

CORTST28.ZIP Size: 31282 Date: 1988-05-16 Time: 10:28:18
Check the speed of your hard disk, from Core International.

CT42.ZIP Size: 52601 Date: 1994-04-12 Time: 17:10:44
Test the efficiency of your disk cache with this program

DCACHE.ZIP Size: 3390 Date: 1988-10-29 Time: 16:21:14
small disk cache from PC Magazine

DCF.ZIP Size: 136209 Date: 1996-08-15 Time: 22:47:38 is diskcopy FAST.p use pkunzip to unarchive.

DCF43.ZIP Size: 107964 Date: 1993-10-10 Time: 11:30:16
DISK COPY FAST 4.3 FAST 1-pass diskette duplication

DCOPY21.ZIP Size: 42311 Date: 1991-12-15 Time: 12:00:00
DCOPY v2.1 - The Intelligent Disk Copier

DIRSIZE.ZIP Size: 8276 Date: 1995-02-07 Time: 14:06:22
Find the size of files in a directory including sub-directories. Other file size options

DIRTO609.ZIP Size: 141011 Date: 1996-10-19 Time: 10:20:58
DIRTOTAL.EXE (6.09): Prepares report showing files in subdirectory or drive. Allows restricting search based on date, size, attributes, etc. Works on networked and CD-ROM drives. Produces more formalized report than some utiliti

DISKBUF.ZIP Size: 18172 Date: 1988-09-01 Time: 09:40:24
Test your PC for optimum buffers setting

DISKLF28.ZIP Size: 46678 Date: 1995-01-14 Time: 23:08:06
show how much free space ondisks will scan multiple hard disks and network drives

DOG320.ZIP Size: 51382 Date: 1992-10-03 Time: 13:18:44
DOG v3.20 - Disk Organizer & Defragmenter

DSKRW237.ZIP Size: 46766 Date: 1993-01-16 Time: 11:39:16
DiskRW v2.37 - Fast Floppy Disk Processing Program

DSKWATCH.ZIP Size: 1840 Date: 1985-09-15 Time: 16:46:20
Displays disk error messages as they happen

FFIT162.ZIP Size: 41229 Date: 1992-12-07 Time: 02:02:00
FFIT v1.62 - Fills Diskettes Optimally

FILL.ZIP Size: 32074 Date: 1988-08-07 Time: 01:38:40
Use this program to fill up floppies to their capacity.

FM52.ZIP Size: 88995 Date: 1993-05-10 Time: 05:20:00
FormatMaster v5.2 - Floppy Disk Formatting Utility

FORMQ172.ZIP Size: 34985 Date: 1992-02-08 Time: 23:50:36
FormatQM v1.72 Quick Mass Diskette Formatter

FU_RD19.ZIP Size: 37585 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
XMS/EMS RAM disk installable and resizable from command line. You can also choose the drive letter! Up to 64 Mbytes supported. Freeware by Franck Uberto.

HDTEST.ZIP Size: 125105 Date: 1990-05-27 Time: 20:57:32
Test your hard disk for bad sectors. Very thorough.

HDTRAK14.ZIP Size: 81371 Date: 1993-10-18 Time: 21:30:54
HardTrack 1.4 - Hard Drive File Tracking Utility

HYDK431.ZIP Size: 257689 Date: 1992-01-10 Time: 04:31:00
HyperDisk v4.31 Disk Accelerator/Disk Cache w/HyperKey

IC189.ZIP Size: 169408 Date: 1992-11-16 Time: 15:14:38
InteliCat v1.89 - Disk Catalog Utility

ILEAVE19.ZIP Size: 79860 Date: 1988-09-07 Time: 02:48:30
Check and reset your hard disk interleave for good performance

JUMBO404.ZIP Size: 411202 Date: 1995-01-14 Time: 23:08:06
Version 4.04 of Colorado Memory Systems Jumbo tape drive software

LKDK151.ZIP Size: 58901 Date: 1993-06-29 Time: 21:19:30
LookDisk 1.51 easy to use disk utility

MACINDOS.ZIP Size: 87663 Date: 1994-04-13 Time: 22:32:16
program to allow PC's to read Macintosh disks

NJRAMD.ZIP Size: 25678 Date: 1987-10-16 Time: 19:20:12
Nifty James Ram Disk program.

OPTY.ZIP Size: 63432 Date: 1992-01-05 Time: 13:00:00
If you have Dos5; here's a program to automatically optimize your system!

ORG30SWE.ZIP Size: 69232 Date: 1991-12-30 Time: 03:00:00
ORG v3.0 - Disk File Organizer and Unfragment Utility

ORGADISK.ZIP Size: 295537 Date: 1993-05-16 Time: 22:23:52
ORGADISK 1.0 FDD and HDD Organiser

CONF802E.ZIP Size: 178933 Date: 1995-10-16 Time: 22:49:36

PCOPY92B.ZIP Size: 101604 Date: 1992-06-26 Time: 16:38:40
PCopy v9.2b Intelligent Copy Utility

PFDISKTC.ZIP Size: 23088 Date: 1992-04-30 Time: 11:50:54
Great disk partition tool. Recognizes DOS, OS2, Zenix and more

QCOPY333.ZIP Size: 54119 Date: 1993-06-06 Time: 17:07:42
Utility which combins DOS's copy, xcopy, diskcopy and move commands into one easy-to-use program

QDIR130.ZIP Size: 125836 Date: 1993-09-09 Time: 17:59:14
Quickdir v1.3 DOS/Archive Mgr. A MUST HAVE for maintaining hard drive & LA

QDR33D.ZIP Size: 7011 Date: 1987-01-28 Time: 03:03:04
Quick Disk Reformatter program.

QICBAT10.ZIP Size: 209878 Date: 1995-01-14 Time: 23:08:06
program to produce a batch file for Jumbo tape drives from Colorado Memory Systems

RAMDSK15.ZIP Size: 31583 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
Two simple efficient RAM disks, one for XMS and one for EMS

RKT-TEST.EXE Size: 54291 Date: 1993-11-10 Time: 22:49:18
Test demo of Ontrack's Rocket program. Determine whether or not it will speed up your IDE hard drive before you buy it.

SAFPAK12.ZIP Size: 52993 Date: 1992-04-20 Time: 03:03:10
safe pack version 1.2 defrag and sort your hard disk will not loose data

SAFPAK21.ZIP Size: 69442 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
SAFEPACK v2.1 Disk Defragmenter Apr 95 <ASP> Data on the disk should be immune to interruptions from any cause during defragmentation. Files and directories may be sorted into almost any order, and many other optimizations are possible

SHOWDUPE.ZIP Size: 33965 Date: 1992-05-17 Time: 12:44:30
Scan sub-directories for duplicate files, can compare, view, delete, etc.

SLEEP.ZIP Size: 10147 Date: 1994-02-02 Time: 09:02:30
Put your IDE hard disk to sleep to save power, when not being used.

SPKT460S.ZIP Size: 291313 Date: 1993-04-04 Time: 23:47:26
SpeedKit by Hyperware v4.60 - HyperDisk/HyperKey/HyperScreen

SST_52A.ZIP Size: 46136 Date: 1991-03-06 Time: 05:02:04
Latest "WHEREIS program" from Keith Ledbetter. Very good.

SWEEPER.ZIP Size: 58480 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:31:06
Disk Sweeper 2.0 Locates unwanted files & dir's on a disk.

UDISK.ZIP Size: 25680 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
UDISK Disk Usage v1.00 <ASP> shows drive letter, volume label, total size, space used, space free, %used and %free for all your disks. It's a very simple DOS program, with no options, no multi-color screens and straightforward scree

XDISK330.ZIP Size: 51691 Date: 1992-01-01 Time: 03:30:00
xDISK v3.3 Configurable RAM-Disk in LIM 3+ EMS

Files: 68 Kilobytes: 6270