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Blindness Related Computer Files

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20-20.ZIP Size: 93679 Date: 1991-03-02 Time: 04:19:52
Large Type Word Processor

A-UTILS.ZIP Size: 64012 Date: 1993-09-22 Time: 17:00:12 is a collection of 8 .set files for use with Asap.

ABRL15A.ZIP Size: 85516 Date: 1998-01-18 Time: 15:01:42
ABRL.COM: AutoBraille Grade II translator, a 44K TSR for DOS that captures a screen area or an output port and produces braille. ABC.EXE: The AutoBraille Commander, configures and controls the TSR program. AUTOBRL.DOC: The AutoBraille

ACCESDOS.ZIP Size: 127350 Date: 1991-05-15 Time: 13:59:16
set of programs to assist physically disabled persons with using keyboard and/or mouse

ACCESS.EXE Size: 30592 Date: 1991-05-20 Time: 22:44:52
Info on Access Technologies, plus htype reading program

ACCS32B2.EXE Size: 459632 Date: 1997-11-19 Time: 05:56:48
Adobe Acrobat Reader access plug-in for Windows 95

ACCS4.EXE Size: 1267038 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Access Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.x, helps you read .PDF files

ACCSET13.ZIP Size: 22902 Date: 1992-07-01 Time: 20:00:20
This is a utility for customizing Accent synthesizers and is shareware

ADDRESS2.ZIP Size: 107344 Date: 1994-11-10 Time: 22:06:52
Address program, Version 2.61, speech friendly, from Charlie Crawford

ALTSYNTH.ZIP Size: 202617 Date: 1995-03-28 Time: 12:43:26
Alternatite synthesizer drivers for JAWS 2.31 including Infovox internal and external and Sound Blaster

ARTIC215.ZIP Size: 11589 Date: 1995-08-23 Time: 17:05:36
Files necessary to use the Artic215 Synphonix synthesizer with JAWS for Windows

ARTIC303.ZIP Size: 77263 Date: 1992-05-08 Time: 10:24:30
Artic config files for many popular software programs

ARTICCFG.ZIP Size: 59640 Date: 1991-11-20 Time: 22:10:10
Artic Businessvision 3.x configurations for some 28 applications. This is a must have if you use BV

ASA-V13.ZIP Size: 167179 Date: 1993-10-21 Time: 13:55:32
Start your own answering service with this speech friendly program. Latest version with more browse power for more records.

ASAP.HLP Size: 4480 Date: 1994-04-14 Time: 17:56:58
Reference commands for the Automatic Screen Access Program, (ASAP)

ASAP0319.ZIP Size: 192372 Date: 1997-07-22 Time: 14:37:14
ASAP update and demo, March 97. Automatic Screen Access Program, dos access from Microtalk

ASAPDEMO.EXE Size: 208246 Date: 1998-06-13 Time: 21:16:02
This is the latest demo of the automatic screen access program for dos.

ASAPGAMS.ZIP Size: 88480 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:47:24
3 games with set files that work with ASAP including Blackjack, Golf and Matchem

ASAW133.ZIP Size: 788277 Date: 1997-09-06 Time: 13:11:22
ASAW version 1.3.3, Windows 3.x and 95 access, bug fixes from 1.3, now supports MSAPI software-based speech

ASAWDEMO.EXE Size: 1206687 Date: 1998-06-16 Time: 15:30:28
ASAW demo, version 1.34 Screen Access for Windows 3.x/95 Demo and update

ASET20.ZIP Size: 12976 Date: 1994-12-05 Time: 13:26:42
ASAP control panel utility, display control Panel settings

AUD_DICT.ZIP Size: 14277 Date: 1993-01-15 Time: 04:00:16
A collection of exception dictionaries for the Audapter external synthesizer from PDS.

BARB15.ZIP Size: 115880 Date: 1998-01-18 Time: 15:02:36
BARB.EXE: Barb The Browser reads several popular text file types, uses bookmarks, and saves her place between sessions. BARB.DOC: Barb The Browser User Manual. PROFILE.EXE, CRLF.EXE, html.EXE: Utilities to explore and fix unfamiliar

BEDIT20.ZIP Size: 237792 Date: 1991-02-14 Time: 15:30:26
Large print text editor with spell check

BIO.ZIP Size: 90178 Date: 1994-09-06 Time: 14:03:36
Personal biorhythm program. Modified from the MCB BBS hello door. Speech frienldy from Charlie Crawford - enjoy!

BRAILLE.ZIP Size: 2454 Date: 1992-03-13 Time: 23:42:14
this program uses graphics to show you the Braille numbers you might see in an elavator

BRL-FONT.ZIP Size: 9976 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
A Braille Font for Windows. What you type comes out in Braille dots

BRLKBD.COM Size: 955 Date: 1994-06-27 Time: 17:12:02
Turn s d f j k l keys on home row into Braille keyboard

BWAVEJ.ZIP Size: 5265 Date: 1994-09-21 Time: 10:27:58
JAWS configuration for BlueWave, the off-line reading program

CAL-V19.ZIP Size: 146061 Date: 1993-10-08 Time: 18:46:30
Hot Key version of the speech friendly Home and Business Calendar program. Also compiled in Clipper 5.2B for memory conservation. By

CAL0394.ZIP Size: 87241 Date: 1994-03-31 Time: 11:54:34
Speech-friendly calendar program includes to-do lists and vacation tracker and more

CALCLATR.ZIP Size: 37782 Date: 1993-11-28 Time: 15:24:04
Speech-Friendly command driven scientific calculator shareware from england

CALENDAR.ZIP Size: 4449 Date: 1992-08-23 Time: 20:40:20
This is a WordPerfect macro which will produce a file which is a grade 2 Braille calendar you can use in your BNS.

CALNDR13.ZIP Size: 19625 Date: 1995-02-21 Time: 20:58:12
speech-friendly calendar that you can listen to to get the calendar for the month

CHECKS76.ZIP Size: 282508 Date: 1996-02-24 Time: 01:29:36
Latest copy of talking checkbook with fixed checks.exe in it.

CHECKS77.ZIP Size: 281685 Date: 1997-06-14 Time: 01:52:06
Latest version of "Talking Checkbook."

CHECKS79.ZIP Size: 286295 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Latest Talking Checkbook Version 7.8 with backup fixed for running under DOS 7 window.

CTS31#1.ZIP Size: 206792 Date: 1993-03-25 Time: 07:00:48
Contact Tracking System version 3.1, 1 of 2. Track address, phone, & misc. info about customers, clients, members, friends.

CTS31#2.ZIP Size: 250595 Date: 1993-02-20 Time: 17:39:28
Contact Tracking System version 3.1, 2 of 2 files. A powerful mailing list manager with a speech friendlautomatic installation.

CTS31.TXT Size: 4577 Date: 1993-04-11 Time: 10:00:26
About the Contact Tracking System version 3.1

DBT10.ZIP Size: 970616 Date: 1995-07-11 Time: 11:34:46
Duxbury Braille Translator, version 10. Lots of new features, demo.

DBTDOS.ZIP Size: 1066832 Date: 1997-09-06 Time: 03:44:26
Duxbury braille Translator demo version 10,1, for DOS.

DBTWIN10.ZIP Size: 1303006 Date: 1996-09-29 Time: 15:35:50
Duxbury Braille Translator for Windows, Version 10;1, demo

DDWUS.ZIP Size: 1064024 Date: 1995-05-25 Time: 17:11:04
DragonDictate for Windows Demo - U.S. English Version

DECFUN2.ZIP Size: 144319 Date: 1995-01-24 Time: 22:46:52
Make your own personal pronunciation dictionary for the dEC-Talk PC speech synthesizer

DEMOINFO.TXT Size: 1922 Date: 1994-09-21 Time: 10:29:16
information on extracting the JAWS 2.31 demo file, (see JAWS231D.EXE.)

DEPO11.ZIP Size: 106044 Date: 1988-07-23 Time: 10:38:42
Good database driven program to do summaries of depositions. For Lawyer types. Needs screen review.

DG3.ZIP Size: 90848 Date: 1994-11-10 Time: 22:06:52
A talking dice game written by Charlie Crawford, use as stand-alone or BBS door

DOSBPLAY.ZIP Size: 39883 Date: 1995-03-25 Time: 18:31:26
Play WAV, VOC MID, CMF files on your sound blasterfrom DOS. use arrow keys to choose, speech-friendly

DOSZILLA.ZIP Size: 107129 Date: 1993-09-16 Time: 00:51:08
demo of directory navigation program

DRAGMAC.ZIP Size: 2170 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Macros for Vocal-Eyes Dragon Dictate Version. Speech macros.

DT.ZIP Size: 150808 Date: 1994-11-10 Time: 22:06:52
Diet Time version 1. find out how many calories the food you eat has

DTEXP42C.EXE Size: 793004 Date: 1996-07-27 Time: 08:31:24
Version 4.2C of the speech software for the DEC-Talk Express external synthesizer.

DT_SING.ZIP Size: 14470 Date: 1997-08-01 Time: 19:07:24
This is from Paul henrichson's FTP site, it allows your dectalk to sing classics! ENJOY!

EBTDEMO.ZIP Size: 78913 Date: 1994-05-02 Time: 23:53:56
Demo of Easy-Braille translator from Chris Whitney, handles ASCII files

ECMNU310.ZIP Size: 19171 Date: 1995-01-24 Time: 22:47:14
speech-friendly menu system from Germany. Can have multiple levels commands, etc.

ECOFAX2.ZIP Size: 107641 Date: 1997-05-24 Time: 12:34:46
Speech-friendly fax receiving program from Europe.

ECOFX210.ZIP Size: 130166 Date: 1997-11-13 Time: 06:53:20
Echo fax version 2.10, speech-friendly faxing program.

ED-SET.ZIP Size: 3792 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:46:34
Vocal-Eyes version 3.0 set files for ed, the editor that comes with WordPerfect office.

EDGX.ZIP Size: 255254 Date: 1994-01-18 Time: 00:57:04
Demo of Edgar Exployer, a program for sighted transcribers for directly entering and showing Braille

EDG_DEM1.ZIP Size: 1130122 Date: 1994-09-21 Time: 16:53:52
Reading Advantedge Demo file 1, unzip with -D switch.

EDG_DEM2.ZIP Size: 699593 Date: 1994-09-21 Time: 16:53:52
Reading Advantedge Demo file 2, unzip with -D switch.

EJD16.ZIP Size: 50420 Date: 1993-09-20 Time: 14:24:22
An english to Japanese database that has been written to work with speech

ENCOREDM.EXE Size: 97690 Date: 1996-02-24 Time: 01:29:36
Demo of Encore, a personal management program from Artic, names, addresses, phone numbers, check book, etc.

ERD-DATA.ZIP Size: 97602 Date: 1995-01-24 Time: 22:47:44
Electronic Resource tatabase, 1995 update from Mass. Commission for the Blind, Good

ERD21.ZIP Size: 449647 Date: 1995-05-03 Time: 00:47:30
Electronic Resource Directory by Mass Comm. for the Blind database program

EUDOR305.ZIP Size: 9075 Date: 1998-01-06 Time: 23:05:58
JFW 3.x scripts for Eudora 3.0.5 email program

EZB-DOC.EXE Size: 52939 Date: 1994-03-10 Time: 20:47:56
Documentation for E-z Braille translator file 2 of 2. Handles WordPerfect and text files. Demo prints up to 4 pages

EZBRAILL.EXE Size: 180601 Date: 1994-03-10 Time: 20:48:14
e-z Braille, another Braille translator Handles WordPerfect and text files file 1 of 2 executables

FASTLK12.ZIP Size: 73010 Date: 1994-02-08 Time: 11:45:26
Program which allows persons with speech impairment to communicate using laptop computer and speech synthesizer

FAXIT10.ZIP Size: 220684 Date: 1994-03-04 Time: 23:10:38
Talking shell for SSFAXER send fax from DOS program. Use with the talking resume program to send faxit.txt!

FED.ZIP Size: 113878 Date: 1995-05-16 Time: 21:00:18
Text based forms processing! Uses underlines as input fields and so you can have an easy forms processor!

FLIP50.ZIP Size: 395716 Date: 1996-09-28 Time: 23:09:34
Demo of Flipper screen review for DOS, Version 5.0, includes magic cursor tracking and other new features

FWSG.ZIP Size: 212068 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:33:14
this is duxbury's entry into sgml to braille translation. It has some interesting docs included. also some

GOLDDEV.ZIP Size: 8248 Date: 1994-05-01 Time: 19:54:58
accent emulator driver for keynote gold synthisizers except mcia ii. Docs are included. This is the latest verssion from

GROLIER.ZIP Size: 1566 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Vocal-Eyes 3.0 set files for Groliers Electronic Encyclopedia

H95DEMO.EXE Size: 1080545 Date: 1998-01-25 Time: 22:35:18
Demo of Hal95, screen review program for Windows 95, from Dolphin Systems, supports Apollo synthesizers

HAL95.ZIP Size: 977291 Date: 1997-01-20 Time: 16:41:38
Demo of HAL, screen review program for Windows 95, from England, unzip with -d switch

HOTVU10.ZIP Size: 120042 Date: 1993-10-09 Time: 09:36:10
Pre-Release demo of program to display help with the ASAP screen review program

ICADD-TX.ZIP Size: 224650 Date: 1993-06-11 Time: 12:56:02
analyze tagged files to see if they meet ICADD/Texas standards for Braille markup

IMPRE-20.ZIP Size: 77616 Date: 1992-07-06 Time: 14:35:06
ImpareWare Version 2.0. Allows you to view text files in enlarged print

ISOS.ZIP Size: 82416 Date: 1989-07-03 Time: 09:30:54
Demo of ISOS screen review program from Interface systems

J2MANUAL.ZIP Size: 135954 Date: 1992-02-20 Time: 15:26:36
Manual for JAWS 2 screen review program from Henter-Joyce

JAWS231D.EXE Size: 1216269 Date: 1994-09-14 Time: 16:44:36
JAWS 2.31 demo of popular speech program

JDOSFREE.EXE Size: 1221880 Date: 1999-06-08 Time: 20:35:56
JAWS for DOS version 2.31, now freeware from Henter-Joyce

JFW.ZIP Size: 59275 Date: 1988-08-17 Time: 07:51:10
Demo of JAWS Form-Writer program

JFWDISK1.ZIP Size: 563807 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 22:51:28
JAWS for Windows upgrade. Version 1.21.23. Unzip onto disk with -d switch

JFWDISK2.ZIP Size: 754013 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 22:51:28
JAWS for Windows upgrade 1.21.23 disk 2 of 4

JFWDISK3.ZIP Size: 609474 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 22:51:28
JAWS for Windows version 1.21.23. Upgrade disk 3 of 3

JFWDISK4.ZIP Size: 600693 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 22:51:28
jAWS for Windows upgrade version 1.21.23 Disk 4 of 4

JFWP08.EXE Size: 1023426 Date: 1997-01-23 Time: 15:06:12
Patch 2.08 for JFW. Requires JFW 2.x or above, execute from run menu

JFW_RP5.ZIP Size: 12470 Date: 1998-01-06 Time: 23:06:16
JFW 3.x scripts for REalAudio Real Player 5.0

JGWINMAG.ZIP Size: 8214 Date: 1994-05-02 Time: 23:54:26
Magnifier for Microsoft Windows

KEYSOFT.ZIP Size: 606877 Date: 1996-12-01 Time: 21:48:04
Demo of Keysoft, speech friendly information manager, requires keynote or dectalk synthesizer, unzip with -d switch

LBCURSOR.ZIP Size: 1410 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
Large Black cursors for Windows.

LENS20.ZIP Size: 24150 Date: 1994-09-30 Time: 00:26:10
LENS v2.0 For Windows - magnifies screen around cursor

LETTERS.ZIP Size: 15667 Date: 1992-11-14 Time: 13:53:34
fREeWARE program to make embossed block letters, for document cover pages, etcetera. Another Sound Alternative

LOUPE17.ZIP Size: 46523 Date: 1996-06-01 Time: 17:31:20
Freeware screen magnifier for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95

LOWREZ10.ZIP Size: 75485 Date: 1994-03-11 Time: 20:36:14
demo of new kansys inc graphics package. Graphics design package that a blind guy can use

LPDOS51A.ZIP Size: 347903 Date: 1993-03-24 Time: 04:37:00
Demo of LP-DOS version 5.1a. This is large-print/screen enlarging program for IBM and compatibles

LPDOSWIN.ZIP Size: 357791 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Demo of LP-DOS and LP-Windows screen magnifying programs for DOS and Windows

LUNAR95.ZIP Size: 197881 Date: 1996-07-21 Time: 15:22:22
Demo of Lunar 95, text enlarging program for Windows 95, from England

LYNX.ZIP Size: 5186 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Vocal-Eyes 3.0 set files for the DOS-LYNX text-based WWW browsing program.

MAG106.ZIP Size: 186156 Date: 1995-07-11 Time: 11:36:00
Windows-based screen magnifier from TFI Engineering, magnifik 1.06

MAGDEMO.ZIP Size: 118997 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:30:10
Demo of Magnum GT, a text and graphics enlarging program from Artic works witn Microsoft Windows

MAGIC132.ZIP Size: 453978 Date: 1993-09-09 Time: 08:13:32
Demo of Magic, version 1.32 Screen enlarging program, both DOS and Windows versions

MANIFEST.ZIP Size: 3582 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Vocal-Eyes 3.0 set files for Quarterdeck's Manifest program

MANUAL.ZIP Size: 475863 Date: 1997-06-19 Time: 22:04:30
Manual and help files for JAWS for Windows version 2.00.08.

MARGIN.TXT Size: 1246 Date: 1993-11-29 Time: 10:08:04
Description of a program that puts left and/or right margin bells on your screen

MEGA15C.ZIP Size: 1402187 Date: 1996-12-01 Time: 21:48:30
demo of mega dots Braille translator version 1.5c

MEGADOTS.ZIP Size: 2673 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Vocal-Eyes Version 3.0 set files for MegaDots Braille translation program.

MEMO10.ZIP Size: 55862 Date: 1996-02-06 Time: 22:25:10
Memo 1.0 is a speech friendly program for storing pieces of text, allows cross referencing searches etc.

MORSE111.ZIP Size: 24625 Date: 1994-07-29 Time: 20:09:08
realease 1.11 of tsr morse screan reader

MOUSEP.EXE Size: 31531 Date: 1997-09-30 Time: 06:03:10
Large mouse pointers for Windows 95, may heop the visually impaired.

MSWORD.ZIP Size: 6672 Date: 1992-09-09 Time: 11:56:08
JAWS config, macro files for MS Word

MTEL-V21.ZIP Size: 222180 Date: 1995-03-20 Time: 04:29:52
Need a message taking program? Here's a speech friendly one with the home/business calendar in it! - From Charlie Crawford

MTF.ZIP Size: 231340 Date: 1994-06-28 Time: 21:13:42
Money Talks, version 1.0F - Recognizes U.S. and Canadian Currency. Freeware from Xerox Imaging Systems.

NAMES305.ZIP Size: 88075 Date: 1991-12-19 Time: 18:17:40
Demo of Name/Address manager from KANSYS, Inc. Speech Friendly, only $79

NAMES35C.ZIP Size: 107388 Date: 1997-05-10 Time: 01:18:44
Names v3.5C. speech-friendly name/address database program from Kansys public domain including source code

NEVILLE.ZIP Size: 72893 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
Windows 95 Microsoft Access application, talking database, for blind nonproffit database for contributions

NWCWDEMO.ZIP Size: 123165 Date: 1989-05-17 Time: 15:24:08
Demo of calcworthy and NoteWorthy from GW Micro

OB-ARTIC.ZIP Size: 10366 Date: 1996-02-24 Time: 01:29:36
SSIL drivers for Artic 215 card for use with Open Book or other systems that use ssil drivers, need

OLXTDSET.ZIP Size: 3555 Date: 1993-11-14 Time: 19:43:20
VocalEyes set files for olxtd, version 1.0 Documentation files not yet availible.

OPENLITE.ZIP Size: 20708 Date: 1993-09-16 Time: 00:02:32
Speech driver that allows the Arkenstone Open Book Unbound to work with the LiteTalk speech synthesizer.

OSW111.ZIP Size: 836239 Date: 1997-05-24 Time: 12:36:32
Shareware version of outSpoken for Windows version 1.11, need to get serial code from AlvaAcccess Group

OSW2DEMO.EXE Size: 4541640 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
OutSpoken for Windows, demo, version 2

OSWDMO11.ZIP Size: 509426 Date: 1995-08-18 Time: 14:36:00
Demo of outSpoken for Windows, version 1.1, from Berkeley Access, Windows speech access program.

PAN11.ZIP Size: 237338 Date: 1993-12-21 Time: 08:50:06
Panorama Large-print program from Syntha-Voice computers

PAN11FNT.ZIP Size: 210062 Date: 1993-12-21 Time: 08:50:06
Fonts for Panormaa large-print display program, file 3 of 3

PAN11UTL.ZIP Size: 262315 Date: 1993-12-21 Time: 08:50:06
utilities for Panorama, large print program from Syntha-Voice File 2 of 3

PBS110_1.ZIP Size: 211129 Date: 1995-05-11 Time: 23:33:26
Powerboard Speech BBS PKG - 1/4. A speech-friendly BBS package. This is a major upgrade with amazing features.

PBS110_2.ZIP Size: 376021 Date: 1995-05-11 Time: 23:39:30
Powerboard Speech BBS PKG - 2/4, the most speech-friendly BBS package in the world! Now, online prompts are voiced!

PBS110_3.ZIP Size: 275141 Date: 1995-05-11 Time: 23:44:22
Powerboard Speech BBS PKG - 3/4. Turn on total BIOS output on or off with a key stroke at any time.

PBS110_4.ZIP Size: 231404 Date: 1995-05-11 Time: 23:48:12
Powerboard Speech - 4/4. Lots of new features, including tagging files by number. You must DL PBS to believe this amazing program.

PC1V42C.EXE Size: 349707 Date: 1996-07-27 Time: 08:32:02
Version 4.2C of the DEC-Talk software for the DEC-Talk PC original internal board

PC2V42C.EXE Size: 418147 Date: 1996-07-27 Time: 08:32:24
Version 4.2C of the dEC-Talk speech software for the new DEC-Talk 2 PC internal board

PCMASTER.ZIP Size: 37224 Date: 1992-02-25 Time: 14:10:00
Demo of PC-Master from Blazie Engineering. Control your computer with Braille 'n Speak and also use as speech synthesizer

PCT.ZIP Size: 9484 Date: 1991-02-19 Time: 17:16:04
Tips and Tricks for getting PC Tools to work with speech

PCTTTP.ZIP Size: 206546 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:51:46
PC Talking Typing Tutor, personal version, learn how to type with speech.

PCTTTS.ZIP Size: 207118 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:52:06
PC Typint Talking Tutor, site license version, learn how to type with speech.

PCX2TIFF.ZIP Size: 18225 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:30:46
Command-line program to convert pcx to tiff files for recognition with Reading AdvantEdge

PHONETLK.ZIP Size: 52948 Date: 1994-09-30 Time: 00:26:10
Talking Phonebook

PODEMO14.EXE Size: 552447 Date: 1996-12-10 Time: 00:23:02
Personal Organizer demo version 1.4 personal management software for the blind from

PROVOX66.ZIP Size: 101277 Date: 1998-01-25 Time: 22:52:06
PROVOX.EXE: Screen Reader for DOS, a 28K TSR program for blind users, supporting several popular speech synthesizers. PV.EXE: Configures, initializes, and controls the PROVOX Screen Reader TSR program. PROVOX.DOC: The PROVOX User Manua

PRVX671B.ZIP Size: 58773 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
PROVOX.EXE: Screen Reader for DOS, a 28K TSR program for blind users, supporting several popular speech synthesizers. PV.EXE: Configures, initializes, and controls the PROVOX Screen Reader TSR program. PROVOX.DOC: The PROVOX User Manua

QCB.ZIP Size: 21981 Date: 1989-09-26 Time: 17:43:54
Demo of Qwerty Check program

QEDITJ.ZIP Size: 7163 Date: 1994-09-21 Time: 10:30:26
JAWS configuration for QEDIT, the popular ASCII text editor

QMR.ZIP Size: 13160 Date: 1988-10-09 Time: 11:25:52
QWERTY file reading program

QWP-DEMO.ZIP Size: 97933 Date: 1989-03-11 Time: 10:02:16
Demo of QWERTY word processing program

READDEMO.ZIP Size: 262908 Date: 1993-03-26 Time: 16:53:18
Demo of Reading Advantage from Kurzweil, just interface, no OCR requires 386 and 8 megs memory

READR101.ZIP Size: 304631 Date: 1997-01-26 Time: 22:02:14
A large print reader for Windows, enlarges clipboard.

RECDEMO.ZIP Size: 1195162 Date: 1994-06-23 Time: 01:16:50
Recognita ocr system 2.0 demo. Commercial optical character recognition system usable by the blind

RI35B.EXE Size: 184800 Date: 1997-11-13 Time: 06:53:20
ReadIt text file viewer, version 3.50. This speech friendly text file viewer handles very large files; allows the setting of "bookmarks" in each file viewed; has support for accessing 6 popular compressed file formats; includes a

RI35B.ZIP Size: 178198 Date: 1995-05-08 Time: 06:36:50
Readit Text reading program. Version 3.50B. Released March 1995.

RTIF.ZIP Size: 17000 Date: 1993-06-16 Time: 18:44:46
Utility to aid in batch scanning with the Reading Advantage from Kurzweil.

S-BOOK.ZIP Size: 1835 Date: 1994-04-14 Time: 17:56:58
ASAP set files for RFB/IBM Book Manager

S-BOOK2.ZIP Size: 3099 Date: 1994-07-20 Time: 23:57:00
ASAP set files for IBM's Book Manager

S-BWAVE.ZIP Size: 3858 Date: 1994-12-05 Time: 13:31:48
ASAP set files for the Bluewave off-line QWK program

S-COMMO.ZIP Size: 2256 Date: 1995-04-11 Time: 13:25:12
These are asap set files so commo and wildcat's ansi lister will work better with each other.

S-NLSCD.ZIP Size: 5479 Date: 1994-04-14 Time: 17:56:58
ASAP set files for the NLS book CD-ROM which is in beta test

S-NLSCD1.ZIP Size: 5050 Date: 1993-06-11 Time: 17:32:36
Temporary set files for ASAP to work with the NLS beta CD-ROM disk

S-PCPLUS.ZIP Size: 1716 Date: 1994-04-14 Time: 17:56:58
ASAP set files for the Procomm Plus communications program

S-PW.ZIP Size: 2926 Date: 1993-12-11 Time: 20:35:00
ASAP configuration for Professional Write word processor

S-QKN6.ZIP Size: 3428 Date: 1993-04-15 Time: 14:51:42
ASAP Set file for Quicken version 6

S-QUATRO.ZIP Size: 2389 Date: 1993-06-30 Time: 10:46:36
ASAP .set files for Borland's Quatro Pro spreadsheet program

S-TP6.ZIP Size: 13318 Date: 1996-07-21 Time: 08:22:54
Set files for ASAP, for the TAPCIS CompuServe off-line reading program.

S-TP61.ZIP Size: 13318 Date: 1996-03-16 Time: 19:05:44
ASAP Set files for TAPCIS 6.1 from Dennis Brown.

S-WP.ZIP Size: 12832 Date: 1994-12-05 Time: 13:32:10
ASAP set files for WordPerfect

SAVE.ZIP Size: 5248 Date: 1991-01-23 Time: 06:00:48
Transfer files between your PC and Braille 'n Speak

SB.ZIP Size: 94862 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Sounding Board Version 1.6 software and manuals, speech synthesizer from GW Micro.

SCAN.ZIP Size: 44925 Date: 1990-03-11 Time: 01:51:22
Automate reading on refreshable braille devices

SCTN203.ZIP Size: 814162 Date: 1996-06-01 Time: 17:31:38
Scan tune version 2.03. Fixes mistakes made by scanners and oCR software.

SDIR31.ZIP Size: 16024 Date: 1989-10-17 Time: 08:35:52
Speech-friendly directory lister with options. Shows Directory one line at a time. Good!

SEEKLY28.ZIP Size: 34645 Date: 1992-01-21 Time: 13:45:48
demo of $39 screen review program Seeklyne version 2.8 requires Speech Thing from Covox

SETECHO.ZIP Size: 6515 Date: 1988-10-03 Time: 23:31:18
Adjust parameters of your Echo GP/PC synthesizer

SETS.ZIP Size: 452062 Date: 1996-07-27 Time: 08:32:48
All available set files for Vocal-Eyes version 3.0. as of mid July 1996.

SLOT36.ZIP Size: 254958 Date: 1997-03-16 Time: 23:56:04
dos text slot machine uses pc speaker or sound card has bios writes and built in macro keys for screen readers

SMAN102.ZIP Size: 113155 Date: 1997-02-19 Time: 21:57:40
Site manager 1.02, dos program for managing info on internet sites

SOFTTALK.ZIP Size: 1740007 Date: 1994-10-30 Time: 00:07:10
collection of talking programs from Charlie Crawford, including checks, resume, calendar, diet, dice and more

SPCPLUS.ZIP Size: 2548 Date: 1996-05-28 Time: 23:22:18
Set files for ASAP, for PC Plus telecommunications program.

SPCTL.ZIP Size: 2522 Date: 1989-06-07 Time: 21:05:42
Shut up your speech program. Can be used in batch files

SPEAKBIG.ZIP Size: 41261 Date: 1993-04-19 Time: 07:08:40
Displays text files in 4 sizes of print including large, along with speech. requires Speech Thing from Covox & EGA or VGA color

SPEAKOUT.ZIP Size: 110355 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Software and Manual for SpeakOut, an external synthesizer from GW Micro

SQWNT272.ZIP Size: 60841 Date: 1990-10-28 Time: 21:51:24
Text file reader with many options

SSS10.ZIP Size: 361521 Date: 1998-03-11 Time: 03:46:28
Personal Organizer 1.0, DOS based speech-friendly software including listmanagement, checkbook and more

STATALK.ZIP Size: 40505 Date: 1993-05-15 Time: 11:48:12
Three clinical statistical routines that display in large print. Also can use Covox Speech Thing

STOPEGG.ZIP Size: 98342 Date: 1995-06-21 Time: 00:52:40
Stop Watch, and Egg Timer for your PC, speech friendly.

STRIP-HF.ZIP Size: 14151 Date: 1994-02-09 Time: 13:27:26
Program to strip headers and footers from a textfile produced by an OCR system

STUDY202.ZIP Size: 328394 Date: 1994-09-13 Time: 09:24:02
Speech and Braille-friendly textfile reading program, many hypertext-like features. good.

SW20DOCS.ZIP Size: 240637 Date: 1992-04-21 Time: 12:53:54
demo of SlimWare, a Canadian screen review program file 2 of 4

SW20INST.ZIP Size: 353578 Date: 1992-04-21 Time: 10:14:04
Demo of SlimWare, a Canadian screen review program. supports most synthesizers. file 1 of 4

SW20UTIL.ZIP Size: 347907 Date: 1992-04-21 Time: 09:56:08
Demo of SlimWare, a Canadian screen review program file 3 of 4

SW2CWPHD.ZIP Size: 4679 Date: 1992-04-20 Time: 15:50:00
Demo of SlimWare, a Canadian screen review program. This is WP51 configurations File 4 of 4

SWB221_C.ZIP Size: 241962 Date: 1996-11-22 Time: 18:38:36
Demo os Slimware Window Bridge version 2.21, DOS and Windoes access file 1 of 6 configurations

SWB221_I.ZIP Size: 152840 Date: 1996-11-22 Time: 18:38:36
Demo of Slimware Window Bridge version 2.21, DOS & windows Access, file 2 of 6, Install files.

SWB221_M.ZIP Size: 394542 Date: 1996-11-22 Time: 18:38:36
Demo of Slimware Window Bridge, Version 2.21, DOS and Windows access, 3.x and 95 file 3 of 6, manual

SWB221_O.ZIP Size: 226665 Date: 1996-11-22 Time: 18:38:36
Demo of Slimware Window Bridge, Version 2.21 Dos, Windows 3.x and 95 access file 4 of 6, overlays

SWB221_P.ZIP Size: 823773 Date: 1996-11-22 Time: 18:38:36
Demo of Slimware Window Bridge, Version 2.21, DOS, Windows 3.x and 95 access, file 5 of 6, program files

SWB221_U.ZIP Size: 235553 Date: 1996-11-22 Time: 18:38:36
Demo of Slimware Window Bridge, version 2.21, DOS, Windows 3.x and 95 access file 6 of 6, utilities

T-RES11.ZIP Size: 208621 Date: 1994-02-13 Time: 17:18:50
Speech friendly resume generation program. Read the docs: it's good cause I wrote it.
T16.ZIP Size: 41009 Date: 1997-03-16 Time: 23:56:04
Program for reading NLS Braille Book Review and Talking Book topics files

T178.ZIP Size: 50556 Date: 1997-04-20 Time: 04:29:26
Latest version of tbi; a utility program for reading nls catalogs such as tbt, bbr Etc. can prepare booklists

T181.ZIP Size: 51199 Date: 1997-06-09 Time: 17:16:12
This is a utility from james ruby to help you navigate through the talking book topics and braille book review files from nls..

TAB23A.ZIP Size: 71212 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
ASCII file viewer written for blind persons, unlimited file size, optomized for Apollo synthesizers

TAP-JAWS.ZIP Size: 11069 Date: 1996-03-16 Time: 19:05:44
JAWS Configuration files for TAPCIS version 6.1, from Walter Siren.

TAPCIS.ZIP Size: 7108 Date: 1994-08-05 Time: 06:27:16
Vocal-Eyes .set files for TAPCIS the CompuServe front-end program

TBRL35.ZIP Size: 166423 Date: 1997-02-27 Time: 01:47:54
OTurbo Braille V 3.5 Demo. Latest version from Kansys Inc.

TBRL36.ZIP Size: 166890 Date: 1997-05-10 Time: 01:20:12
Turbo Braille demo, version 3.6 Braille translation software from KANSYS, Inc.

TC-2000.ZIP Size: 325486 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Latest Talking Checkbook Version 7.8 with backup fixed for running under DOS 7 window.

TC-2001.ZIP Size: 285184 Date: 2001-07-31 Time: 21:11:46
The famous DOS based talking Checkbook! this speech friendly all purpose checkbook for the blind is now Y2K compadable for anyone wanting this free program! By charlie Crawford.

TD11.ZIP Size: 277059 Date: 1994-07-20 Time: 23:45:28
Talking Directory 1.1 -- a powerful, speech friendly hard disk manager. Special support for WP and .ZIP files. A Better alternative

TD20.ZIP Size: 428837 Date: 1997-01-09 Time: 07:54:04
Talking Directory 2.0 -- A powerful, speech and braille friendly file, directory, and program manager. Provides "point and shoot"

TESTFILE.ZIP Size: 220049 Date: 1996-09-29 Time: 15:39:32
Braille printer test files used by IBTC in embosser speed tests published in Braille Monitor, January, 1996.

TEXTC173.ZIP Size: 38875 Date: 1994-06-07 Time: 11:41:00
Textcon version 1.73 strip unwanted spaces and lines from text files good for scanned in files

TFWJFW30.ZIP Size: 4394 Date: 1998-01-06 Time: 23:06:42
JFW 3.x scripts for Telix for Windows

TIMUTL1.ZIP Size: 86092 Date: 1991-12-26 Time: 10:47:14
20 command line utilities, work great with speech

TLKEYS10.ZIP Size: 494004 Date: 1994-09-05 Time: 20:42:00
WIN 3.1- Press key/ S/Blstr talks what key you pressed. Good for visually impaired use in Windows applications.

TRAN.EXE Size: 48256 Date: 1992-09-30 Time: 14:59:02
Load tran, and, anything you type is spoken through your pc speaker in a gravelly voice. Just for fun and maybe can be patched into

TRAN.ZIP Size: 32124 Date: 1988-09-10 Time: 11:50:30
it is a program which translates asctext characters to speech

TSUSER.BRF Size: 43947 Date: 1994-11-23 Time: 12:53:46
This is a translated version of the TranSend User Manual; Formatted at 40 characters per line, 25 lines

TSUSER.TXT Size: 50573 Date: 1994-11-23 Time: 12:57:44
TranSend operating manual with Duxbury formatting commands; suitable either for braille or print translation

TTDOC167.ZIP Size: 102137 Date: 1994-08-28 Time: 17:31:44
TinyTalk 1.67 documentation.

TTED.ZIP Size: 167509 Date: 1994-01-12 Time: 17:27:50
This is a typing tutor that works with speech synthesizers, supports them directly or goes through screen review

TTEXE167.ZIP Size: 395177 Date: 1994-08-28 Time: 17:38:00
TinyTalk 1.67 executable files, shareware.

TTFIX16C.ZIP Size: 13471 Date: 1994-02-23 Time: 18:10:22
Configuration conversion utility for TinyTalk registered users who have versions prior to 1.60

TTK157_1.ZIP Size: 5057 Date: 1994-02-18 Time: 17:15:02
TinyTalk configurations for Telix, Norton Disk Doctor, Readit, Bluewave and more

TTT-DEMO.ZIP Size: 1328513 Date: 2000-10-16 Time: 22:39:36
Demo of Talking Typing tutor from I Can See Books

TTTDEMO.ZIP Size: 207856 Date: 1997-04-27 Time: 21:45:54
Demo of talking, typeing tutor, program to help you learn to type on a computer

TUTOR.ZIP Size: 560010 Date: 1995-09-07 Time: 06:57:10
The Computerized Braille Tutor Teachers and paraprofessionals may find this program helpful in learning grade 2 braille.

TYPER.ZIP Size: 47694 Date: 1994-12-05 Time: 13:32:36
Demo of typer, from APH program to teach typing, works with speech and large print

T_RES11.ZIP Size: 208621 Date: 1997-03-16 Time: 13:59:40
A speech friendly resume writer. Creates text file that you can use for faxing or print out. Edit and colors too! Contains Marg the great shareware text file formatter as well.

UPSET20.ZIP Size: 11897 Date: 1994-12-05 Time: 13:32:58
update ASAP set files

V42C.ZIP Size: 334151 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
DEC-Talk PC speech synthesizer driver version 4.2C.

VE.ZIP Size: 931036 Date: 1995-05-25 Time: 12:17:50
vocal-eyes version 3.0 demo

VEDRAG.ZIP Size: 934806 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:34:38
Demo of Vocal-Eyes version 3.0, special edition for DragonDictate voice recognition program.

VEHELP.ZIP Size: 37838 Date: 1995-07-19 Time: 10:40:06
Program to read the Vocal-Eyes manual.

VEHELP3.ZIP Size: 67437 Date: 1995-09-07 Time: 22:51:36
Program to read Vocal-Eyes manuals, presents table of contests, for version 3.x manuals

VEMASTER.ZIP Size: 25503 Date: 1997-05-24 Time: 12:37:16
WE Master is a program designed to manage and master the Vocal-eyes screen reader's word exceptions dictionary. It allows the user to quickly locate, add, delete and change the pronunciation of any word in the file. It does al

VESMSETS.ZIP Size: 9565 Date: 1997-02-19 Time: 21:58:40
Vocal-Eyes 3.0 set files for Site Manager

VEUTIL30.ZIP Size: 84562 Date: 1995-08-02 Time: 02:46:34
Vocal-Eyes utils, set to text, Text to Set, etc., for Version 3.0

VEUTILS.ZIP Size: 79228 Date: 1994-11-26 Time: 18:44:12
Latest version of .SET file utilities for Vocal-Eyes.

VISABIL.ZIP Size: 346620 Date: 1996-05-28 Time: 23:22:18
Visability Version 1.20 demo, scans printedpage, and enlarges it for visually impaired, need HP or other scanner

VIST-31B.EXE Size: 352435 Date: 1994-03-11 Time: 11:42:02
Upgrade software for the VISTA computer-based print enlarging system from TeleSensory

VXP21UKD.ZIP Size: 281152 Date: 1997-03-16 Time: 23:56:04
NEW DOS screen reader, Voxparle, from Belgium, in English, Dutch, and French

WATCHDOG.ZIP Size: 6778 Date: 1991-05-27 Time: 22:45:12
Monitor activity to screen, Com port etc. with audible clicking

WEDEMO.ZIP Size: 1074757 Date: 1997-01-23 Time: 16:09:22
Window-Eyes screen access software for Microsoft Windows version 2.0, from Gw Micro This is a demonstration version of newest

WEDEMO20.ZIP Size: 1369809 Date: 1997-05-10 Time: 01:20:32
Window Eyes demo version 2.0 now supports Windows 95

WEMASTER.ZIP Size: 16439 Date: 1997-05-24 Time: 12:37:24
No Limit is the code name for WE Master for Window-eyes. It is a program designed to manage and master the Window-eyes screen reader's word exceptions dictionaries. It allows the user to quickly locate, add, delete and change the pronu

WINDRAG.ZIP Size: 1064024 Date: 1995-09-08 Time: 12:46:44
Demo of Vocal-Eyes for DragonDictate for Windows, requires Windows 3.1 and a sound blaster sound card.

WINEYE05.ZIP Size: 969314 Date: 1996-12-01 Time: 21:50:06
Demo of Window Eyes 1.05 microsoft Windows access program from GW Micro unzip with -d switch

WINK39.ZIP Size: 2071133 Date: 1996-09-27 Time: 11:58:40
WINKLiNE version 96, shareware Windows 95 access program, supports sound cards $45 shareware.

WINKLINE.ZIP Size: 1813518 Date: 1994-02-22 Time: 12:59:20
Winkline Reader version 1.0 Demo of program to access Windows. Uses sound boards.

WINVIS21.ZIP Size: 357642 Date: 1996-02-06 Time: 19:05:58
Upgrade files to create WinVision version 2.21, Microsoft Windows Access software from Artic Technologies

WINVISDM.ZIP Size: 296382 Date: 1993-09-15 Time: 15:22:30
This is a demo of Artic Businessvision 3.08 and WinVision, their Microsoft Windows 3.1 access program, need Transport or

WMNEW.ZIP Size: 661119 Date: 1995-06-01 Time: 16:01:02
Demo of Windows Master, Microsoft Windows screen access program from Blazie Engineering

WORDDEMO.ZIP Size: 402947 Date: 1994-10-20 Time: 08:56:46
Demo of Talking Word for Windows template

WP61JFW.ZIP Size: 10805 Date: 1995-08-31 Time: 10:47:06
JAWS for Windows macro for WordPerfect for Windows version 6.1

WPB21.ZIP Size: 99169 Date: 1994-01-16 Time: 02:10:00
This is the latest version of the Braille and speech-friendly keyboard macros for WordPerfect 6.0

WPCONFIG.ZIP Size: 24208 Date: 1995-02-21 Time: 10:12:12
WordPerfect for Windows 6.0A configurations for WinVision

WPCONSET.ZIP Size: 14718 Date: 1995-02-07 Time: 14:07:44
WordPerfect concepts for Master Touch

WPF2TIFF.ZIP Size: 12727 Date: 1993-12-20 Time: 23:31:22
command-driven program to convert WordPerfect 6 fax files to TIFF files that can be used by Reading AdvantEdge

WV95.DOC Size: 149515 Date: 1996-03-28 Time: 00:27:10
Documentation for WinVision 95 speech access to Windows 95 from Artic Technologies

WV95DEMO.ZIP Size: 345145 Date: 1996-03-28 Time: 00:31:50
Demo of WinVision 95 speech access for Windows 95.

WVSDEMO.ZIP Size: 344301 Date: 1996-02-06 Time: 18:57:26
Demo of WinVision Solo. This program is Artic WinVision demo that supports non-artic speech synthesizers, (windows access)

WVSDM229.ZIP Size: 366729 Date: 1996-08-04 Time: 15:50:24
WinVision Solo demo version 2.29 Microsoft Windows 95 access from Artic Technologies

WVSOLO.DOC Size: 154502 Date: 1996-03-28 Time: 00:27:50
Documentation for Winvision Solo, Windows 95 access that supports other synthesizers, from Artic

ZTD520.ZIP Size: 430417 Date: 1997-01-12 Time: 10:34:06
ZoomText Plus Demo Program (v5.20) ZoomText Plus is a screen magnification program that works in DOS, Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. ZoomText magnifies from 2x to 16x, in full screen and partial screen zoom windows. Advanced tra

ZXTRA-61.EXE Size: 4121143 Date: 1998-01-25 Time: 22:36:52
Zoom Text Xtra Level 2 demo, english, large print program, version 6.1 large print and speech

Files: 323 Kilobytes: 83627